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The secrets of Kryptonite exposed! Witness Superman's first encounter with the radioactive chunks of his home planet and learn how it changed his life. Don't miss this first 6-part story arc, brought to you by the award-winning writer Darwyn Cooke (DC: THE NEW FRONTIER) and artist Tim Sale (SUPERMAN: FOR ALL SEASONS, BATMAN: DARK VICTORY)!

As Superman's rocket reaches the Earth, a chunk of green rock breaks off.

In Metropolis, Superman catches a tanker truck and does battle with the Royal Flush Gang.

Seeing Superman struggle with the tanker, they blast at him, severing the tank and causing a massive explosion. Superman ponders the way that he's never sure if anything is going to hurt him, and just what attack will kill him ultimately, landing on the android Flush Gang member in the form of a block of frozen ice.

This pulls back to Superman and Lois, sharing a meal. Superman laments not having enough time for her, and gives her an hour here and there. It pulls back, and they are on the Eiffel Tower.

Perry meets with Lois, Clark, and Jimmy, and gives them their next assignment: The new casino Tony Gallo has put up in Metropolis.

They set up a sting, prepping the audio with Lois and readying their surveillance. Clark watches a volcano eruption on the television, anxious that he can't do anything as Superman without giving away his identity.

Lois calls Gallo, who is about to hang up on her when he sees that she's a reporter, and instead decides to talk to her.

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A Stylized Look Back at Superman's First Year 0

As much as I love traditional comic line art, I have to say Tim Sale's noir-like ink art is a welcome change of pace. This series, Superman Confidential, kicks off with a story set 2 months after Superman first appeared in Metropolis. The retro-writing style for which Darwyn Cooke has come to be known for, is perfectly complimented by this retro, almost Deco looking art style of Sale's, coupled with Dave Stewart's use of bright primary colors that seems the hark back to a simpler era. One issue ...

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