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This is more like it...


#9: 'Birthright'

The fourth installment of 'Birthright' is the first really worth update of the Superman origin. It's still by no means essential, but it does show the Daily Planet the way a modern newsroom looks. Also, unlike last issue, this time the characterization really feels right - especially Lois Lane going on a tirade against an abusive superior. But, also Perry White sizing Clark Kent up.

O.K., the problems here: a bunch of sci-fi robo copter things go on a shooting rampage for no real reason - I can only hope that's explained in the next issue. Also, minor spoiler here -

Superman sees Lex Luthor, and recognizes him. As far as we know they've never met at this point in Superman's history (unless 'Birthright' is trying to sell us on all that ridiculous Clark Kent and Lex Luthor knew each other since they were little kids claptrap that Crisis on Infinite Earths thankfully did away with).

Again, I can only hope it's explained next issue.

The art still looks substandard to me (in one panel Lois has no facial features except two dots for eyes), but it seems to be better than when the series began. Otherwise, this was a great, action-filled issue. More like this and less like the first three issues, please.


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