etragedy's Superman: Birthright #3 - A Legacy Reborn review

Best in series so far... but still redundant & wrong for Superman


#9: 'Birthright'

The third issue of 'Birthright' is a bit of an improvement. Gone is the extraneous story about civil unrest in Africa. This issue takes us back to the Kent farm where Clark and Martha create the Superman costume for him.

The art is somewhat improved, though I still can't really say I'm a fan, at least there doesn't seem to be too many grossly misshapen figures here.

The story is very well done. The father-son conflict between Jonathan and Clark is a very believable piece of writing. My only problem with it is that is just doesn't seem like Superman. Mark Waid should have saved this conflict for a different superhero. At one point Jonathan gets so angry that he takes a sledgehammer to Kal El's spaceship - it just doesn't ring true for the characters.

In the end, this issue scores above average for it's readability, but it really isn't one of the best Superman stories I've ever read - and definitely not a top 10 contender in my opinion.

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