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Clark travels to Metropolis to apply for a position at the Daily Planet. When he arrives, he finds automated anti-terrorist helicopters criss-crossing the sky, and a citizenry wary of the world around them. Upon reaching the the Planet building, he sees the publisher, Mr. Galloway, berating Jimmy Olsen for fetching him the wrong yogurt. Lois Lane appears and verbally castrates Galloway for humiliating Jimmy. When Galloway storms off, Clark introduces himself to Lois. Though she had been impressed with his work on West Africa, she is not impressed with him in person. Clark, on the other hand, is immediately smitten, despite her condescension. He finally meets Perry White for a one-on-one interview. Clark stands up and asserts that he needs to be at the nerve center of all major events (for his hero work) and that he is an excellent journalist; Despite this, the interview does not go well. Moments later, a miniature robo-chopper hovering outside goes berserk and opens fire on the Daily Planet building. When no one is looking, Clark ducks out to change into his costume and flies off to repel the helicopters.

Meanwhile, Lois drags Jimmy along and pilots a helicopter to record the assault. One of the haywire choppers clips the blades of her aircraft and sends it spiraling downward, throwing Jimmy out of the helicopter. At the last minute Clark (disguised as Superman) appears and, to their astonishment, catches the falling Jimmy and lifts the damaged helicopter with one hand. When he asks if hey are both all right, Lois orders him to forget her and go save people, but not slipping him her business card. Clark flies off and notes with a grin that "She's not afraid."

When Clark rips a radio transmitter off one of the wrecked units, he uses his powers to trace the signal to the incomplete skyscraper in the distance: LexCorp.







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COMIC VINE'S TOP 100 SUPERMAN STORIES reviewed!#9: 'Birthright'The fourth installment of 'Birthright' is the first really worth update of the Superman origin. It's still by no means essential, but it does show the Daily Planet the way a modern newsroom looks. Also, unlike last issue, this time the characterization really feels right - especially Lois Lane going on a tirade against an abusive superior. But, also Perry White sizing Clark Kent up.O.K., the problems here: a bunch of sci-fi robo copt...

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