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#9: 'Birthright'

'Birthright' concludes in this issue. I'm not going to spend much time nit-picking all the details of why in this issue I don't like the art (panel 2, Superman's costume is intact despite having been destroyed last issue, etc.) or the story (where exactly are Luthor's hologram projectors? etc.), instead I'm going to focus on the big picture problems I have here. Namely, the ending. The two-way communication Luthor establishes to Krypton of the worst contrivances of this series so far (and there are quite a few), it's how Superman is supposed to have learned who he was and that he was named Kal El. Even if one buys into the technology, it still takes a lot of coincidence that Luthor happens to home in on that moment of a planet of billions, decades ago and billions of light years away. But the real kicker is the final few panels which takes away a lot of the tragedy of the sacrifice made by Jor El and Lara, one of the most poignant parts of Superman's back story.

All in all, I cannot recommend Superman: Birthright, and though I am generally opposed to retcons, I'd say 'Birthright' is an inferior Superman (and below average comic book) story which should be stricken from the record. Thankfully, it looks like DC is planning to do just that very soon.

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