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Interesting take

I thoroughly enjoyed Birthright, not just because of the great art or the relatable storyline (a young adult finding out who they really are). No, the part I enjoyed the most was the alien heritage of Kal-El emphasised in such a way that it didn't make him seem more alien, in fact to me it made him seem more the embodiment of the human spirit.
Let me explain. On page 37 of the TPB (Could be issue 2 of the series, I'm not sure) Clark writes in an email to Ma Kent that he sees living things as having a glowing aura around them and that when they die the light fades in such a way that looking at it makes him feel empty. I love how alien it is, yet comforting at the same time that the last son of krypton sees all life as equal, even the villains.
In closing, I recommend this series for anyone interested on reading a slightly different take on the last son of krypton that will give a better insight to why the Big S does the things he does!


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