Would you consider Batman and Superman "best friends"?

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#51 Posted by lightsout (1885 posts) - - Show Bio

I agree that "brothers" is a much better description. They really wouldn't engage in a mutual pass-time activity together, but they'd easily do anything to help the other out.

#52 Posted by SavageDragon (2257 posts) - - Show Bio

Close friends, I wouldnt say best.

#53 Posted by Mighty Thorion (918 posts) - - Show Bio

Team mates who can each rely on the other is how I would best describe the relationship

#54 Posted by AmazingWebHead (7232 posts) - - Show Bio

Vitriolic best friends.

#55 Edited by mary_goode_946 (8 posts) - - Show Bio

I know this is late, but I think if they aren't, they should be. They would have a lot to learn from each other. It's a mistake to have broken them up.

(Cracking knuckles) This would be how it should go, and plz, bear with me, I am sorry I am long winded:

Naturally Bruce would be less than thrilled with Superman. I can almost see a reporter asking him about an attack on a lab at Waynetech where Batman has saved the day and gotten rid of the Riddler, asking about Superman's comments on how it is suspicious the Riddler discovered a rare mineral that's a known pollutant in the possesion of Wayne Enterprises: "It doesn't matter. Batman saved the day and that is the story. If you are going to ask me questions about the security updates we plan so this never happens again, please do, for that is what I am here to answer. If you want to talk about the Big Blue Boyscout, the Gotham branch of the Daily Planet is over there." In private, tinkering around in the lab in the Batcave, he also would not be too thrilled with the idea of somebody out there who could fly, see through walls, make lasers with his eyes, and bench press a small cruise ship: most of the villains he deals with use whatever powers they inherit for evil or selfish purposes and Batman wouldn't trust Superman. His experience tells him so. (On top of that, deep down he'd be afraid of such a thing-something that looks human, but could someday be a threat.)

Likewise, Superman won't like Batman's more machiavellian style of crimefighting: if it works, do it, even if you kill the bad guy. Superman would be rather rigid about Batman's girlfriend (lets face it, boys, Selina Kyle is the only one that really can get past that formidable hardened exterior) and might even get damn pompous: if she's so friggin' great, Bruce, why haven't you tried to marry her and reduced her need to steal?-You are a billionaire. He'll get irritated by the Dark Knight's complete lack of humor and outright exasperated with Bruce thinking Clark knows nothing about the secret room in the Batcave where he's building a super suit that gives a human the strength to punch somebody where in the 900+ ton range. (FFS, Wayne, all I did was break the staircase. I didn't mean to land that hard, I'll fix it in a minute; you are being a paranoid lunatic.) When he isn't wearing his cape, Clark would also have a hard time swallowing that a rich gazillionaire doesn't seek to oppress the weak-in Metropolis that's kind of the case and Bruce has never had to live on a salary of less than a few million a year excluding assets (he wouldn't see that shutting down a non-performing sector of his company as cruel and maybe creating the crime he despises.)

Where they come together is a deep willingness to sacrifice themselves for the city they live in and the people they love; they will stand up when few else will. Both of them had difficult childhoods and live tricky lives (Clark?-His was more secure because he was taught properly how to love, but how easy is it to be eleven years old and scared that one day soon you might come home to hug your mother but in your exuberance you might crush the life out of her? How easy is it to fear that if you kiss a girl and she runs her fingers through your hair she might cut her hand? How great is it know inside you are no different than any human, but the minute people find out what you are, they treat you like a thing or take you for granted; they get dazzled by your powers but would probably never care to get to know you as a person? How many tabloids write as many sick stories about you as the press writes good accurate ones, like the one about the alien creature that forced himself on a human woman and made her do a bizarre Kryptonian love ritual, and more than a few scientists offering to put you away to "study" your species? ) Both of them are men are charged with a burden few others would understand in guarding their cities. Clark would challenge Bruce's cynicism about other people and his assumptions that letting somebody else in makes you vulnerable; trusting people does not make you weak. It's okay to smile, even laugh out loud.

Bruce would challenge Clark to realize that monsters do exist and the only way to stop them is to kill them any way you can, and that not all people can be redeemed. Rich men don't always want to spend it on themselves-some just don't know any better or understand what they owe those less fortunate. Over time it could become the most important friendship of each other's lives. However, my money is on Lois finally pointing it all out to them and jumping in to referee; she'd definitely jump on Bruce's back to grab the Kryptonite and she'd shield Bruce from her man's might: Touch him and you will sleep on the couch for the next year, Clark. You boys are being ridiculous and considering both of you wear your underwear on the outside of your pants, I'd say you think alike more than you'd admit. Now sit down and don't leave this Batcave until you've resolved your differences or you will answer TO ME.) Seeing as how sparky Lois is, that might scare Clark and Bruce even more than the Joker, Brainiac, and Poison Ivy combined.

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