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Is this Bruce Wayne? I assume it is. Bruce Wayne was in issue 61, nut then Blackest Night came soon after. So, I figured all the events before took place before his death. When do these events take place? In the latest issue which I've only takin a glimpse at, never really shows batmans face, just shy's away from it like the intention is to hide hide who's under the cowl. Any ideas?
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Most of the stories after issue #14 of this title are not taking place in the same time as the current storylines, with a few exceptions such as the Blackest Night tie-ins
(there are a lot of books in the middle that I don't think are considered to be part of any continuity) . The latest two books are supposed to take place just after the "Our Worlds at War" event , which took place long before Batman R.I.P. and Final Crisis, as you should be able to tell by the banner, so it is obviously Bruce.

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