This is Why We Need A JLA or Superman/Batman Movie...

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Okay so I was on Facebook the other day and one of my friends posted on her status: "Who is the better hero? Superman or Batman?" 
A very normal thing because people compare them a lot. But this is where it got horrible: People who knew barely anything about either of them were voting. Some people said: "Batman isn't a superhero. He's a rich brat with a complex. What's up with Arkham Asylum? Easiest place to break out of." 
It gets worse. Someone offered Deadpool and people who were voting were confused because they never heard of Deadpool. 
The topic of them fighting each other was brought up and most people said that Superman could kill Batman easily. A couple people brought up the Kryptonite ring but this was the reaction to that: "What is with all this Superman and Batman talking stuff? I've heard this twice now and where was I when this happened?" 
Then someone asked what Batman's weakness was... 
I had to explain the Kryptonite ring situation and this was the response I got: "I really had no clue that Batman and Superman even knew each other existed. I thought they were just in different comic book worlds." 
Then I asked if she ever saw any of the Justice League cartoons or knew they were both in the Justice League and she said no. 
This is why we need either a JLA movie or a Superman/Batman movie. People don't know that they are friends or that they live in the same universe.

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That's nothing. Yesterday a friend of mine asked me if Spider-man was Marvel or not. @__@

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It's not important to most people though.
We'll get by :)

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I find it very irritating and disappointing that people don't know that Superman and Batman know each other. There were a ton of movies and cartoons with them together.

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@InnerVenom123 said:
" That's nothing. Yesterday a friend of mine asked me if Spider-man was Marvel or not. @__@ "
Haha I run into this kind of situation all the time. Someone should make a thread about encounters like this.
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@TheMess1428: It's just sad because Bruce and Clark have one of the best friendships ever, being all that different and all.... Superman/Batman is a great comic book! 

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