Superman/Batman: Apocalypse Trailer

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the one thing I notice is the lack of Dialogue from Batman, is Kevin Conroy confirmed?
also it looks amazing!

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Looks good to me. I've enjoyed all the DC animated stuff thus far.
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DO WANT!! *drools*

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DC's made another winner. Now to wait for a DTV rendition of Absolute Power.

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Interesting. The character designs look mildly Turner-esque.

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when are they gonna get good character designs for their movies? thats my only complaint, movie looks fun, i welcome an army of doomsdays any day

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@jlat89: Yes he is. So is Wonder Woman but for some reason she is not in the promo.
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"This ends now!"
How many times have we heard that? :P

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I must watch it!!
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  @ jlat89, Yes it has been confirmed that Kevin Conroy will be Batman. In the book Batman did not have any long drawn out dialogue. It was more of a Superman and Supergirl with a little Wonder Woman banter here and their.

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I want this Batman: Under The Red Hood & Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths DVDs then I'm good

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@sythspawn:  I think that is so cool since he was the artist of the book. Im drooling for a Tim Sales, Frank Miller, Jim Lee, and Alex Ross movie.
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@Gylan Thomas said:
""This ends now!" How many times have we heard that? :P"

I feel you on that one but technically usually Superman says "This ends tonight" OR "This ends here" lol. I guess DC's trying to give him a catchphrase again. Not that he doesn't already have a million of them. "Look, up in the sky!" "It's a bird, it's a plane...IT"S SUPERMAN!" "Up up and away."  "Fighting for truth, justice, and the american way." Just to name a few.
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hmm this one looks good ^_^

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wow, this looks reeeeally good. I can't wait. I love how they made it look like Turner's art as well.
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Sweet. The shot of the Bat coming up out of the muck with breather gear on had me all tingly for this release. DC animation is the best going right now.
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@RedHurricane24 said:
"Now to wait for a DTV rendition of Absolute Power. "
oh no i really hope they dont make an Absolute Power movie, that book was terrible.
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@elayem98 said:
" @RedHurricane24 said:
"Now to wait for a DTV rendition of Absolute Power. "
oh no i really hope they dont make an Absolute Power movie, that book was terrible. "
Dude, I don't know which book you read, but I thought that story arc was pretty good to read, and definitely worthy of a DTV rendition. I mean, come on, Batman and Superman as WORLD CONQUERORS? I'd take it in a heartbeat, guaranteed.
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looks very cool 
I just hope it's better than Public Enemies 
that one was really bad IMPO, the writing was terrible
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Looks awesome.

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Absolute Power was a respectable book, but to follow up these two story arcs it seemed weak. Plus many noncomic readers would not know many of the characters featured in the book. This movie however is going to be awesome.

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So, Who is drawing this? THat looks almost like Michael Turner's artwork however it isn't. Did Ed McGinnis draw the animated Superman/Batman: Public Enemies 

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Ah! So Doomsday is in the movie! Very good. This will make an excellent sequel to Public Enemies.

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Superman Batman Supergirl movie cool
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Make a film out of search for K 
It  my favorite Superman/Batman

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@RedHurricane24 said:
" @elayem98 said:
" @RedHurricane24 said:
"Now to wait for a DTV rendition of Absolute Power. "
oh no i really hope they dont make an Absolute Power movie, that book was terrible. "
Dude, I don't know which book you read, but I thought that story arc was pretty good to read, and definitely worthy of a DTV rendition. I mean, come on, Batman and Superman as WORLD CONQUERORS? I'd take it in a heartbeat, guaranteed. "
 yeah we r thinking of the same book
idk i just didnt care for it
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I thought  DC stopped making animated movies.
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WOOO! yaass DC, you killing the game! 
when marvel gonna do it?! 
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Looks good. Haven't been disapointed by DC animated movies so far.

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I like the Art style much better than the Superman/Batman Public Enemies Art Style! I can't wait! But I Still think the title should be Batman/Superman!

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@RYU/BATMAN: I believe it's Bruce Timm's production company imitating the various art styles. 
This trailer looks awesome.  Glad to see they included the scene with the army of Doomsdays and Batman swinging around medieval weaponry.
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no, they've done a few 
Batman/Superman Public Enemies is okay, not great. Cool action but the dialogue is sort of corny 
Crisis on Two Earths was pretty cool. Again, the cool action eclipses a sort of okay script 
New Frontier was very neat, a cool tangent to the traditional JL animation 
Wonder Woman was surprisingly well done and fun to watch 
Green Lantern: First Flight was okay, not great, but well done enough to make it enjoyable 
and there've been a few others too
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Looks amazing

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One thing bugs me. 
It claims to be "An all new original movie" 
When it's clearly NOT original, it's an adaptation of the Supergirl storyline from Batman/Superman. An adaptation is the opposite of original. 

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Was that an army of Doomsdays?
Animation looks tight, Final Crisis comes to mind when I see this, but if Grant Morrison didnt do it

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Looks really good - The Turner style translated very well in animation form. The only thing I dislike is the way Darkseid looks.
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Superman/Batman are way too anime in this trailer!!!!

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i think this one looks really good, i thought the last one was good but they should have made it longer, just because it is a direct to dvd movie doesnt mean it has to be shorter in duration. I think they could have gone on to show the battle between Superman and Captain Marvel or Captain Atom or whoever he was fighting towards the end.  
The only thing i didnt like about this one is how old Batman looks. I actually dont think its a bad thing i just wish they would show more aging in comics as well. I cant wait till this comes out, i hope they dont skimp out on Kara's training with the Amazon's. I dont care how long the movie wold be i wish for just once a movie creator would take a comic story word for word and put it in to a movie in its entirety. It should of been done with the WWH (which the more time passes as i look back on it was kind of a let down) Should have left Silver Surfer in the movie.
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So far seems good but I dont like the art, this euro-japanse style I dont like it. But I hope they make a good movie ... 
marvel, where are your animated movies?

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the Ultimate Avengers animated films were both ok...Ultimate, but still ok 
Hulk vs Wolverine was neat too 
and so was Iron Man: Some Subtitle I Can't Remember
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I LOVE it when Superman gets mad. It doesn't happen often, and that's why I love it. But when it does, nothing stands in his way. LITERALLY. They're all to scared.

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I see a Blu-Ray purchase in my future.

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This looks fricking awesome!  
I for one cannot wait for this! :)

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Wow, looks epic.

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this should be cool, cant wait to pick it up. i actually just picked up tha trade for this like a week or so ago. and whoever said they need to make better character designs must not have watched public enemies, becuz that looked great.
and marvel has done a few...ultimate avengers, ultimate avengers 2, hulk vs., iron man, dr. strange, next avengers, and i dont know if there were anymore. i really liked tha first three i mentioned, iron man couldve been better wit a few changes and i didnt see tha next avengers one. they actually showed dr. strange tha weekend before it came out at wizard world a few years ago, i wasnt impressed and was glad they showed it there, cuz i think i was actually going to buy it, saved myself some money lol.
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umm omg an army of doomsdays 

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