Superman/Batman Apocalypse: "Tank" Clip

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Can't wait to buy this movie on bluray. I wonder what the next animated film is going to be.

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It looks very good.

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After seeing WW in action like that, I wonder why they didn't call this movie "Trinity: Apocalypse"?

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Wonder Woman, that was badass.
Was Superman actually just punching fire?

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afierce that was a classic homage to that Fleischer cartoon "The Mad Scientist" when he's punching the beam. That's been overdone but still effective and awesome. And what about WW?! That was just amazing! And what was Bruce packin in those batarangs?!
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@SUPER-MAN 23:  I think that Batman: Year One might be the next least it comes out in 2011.  
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I love the fact that Superman can punch fire. It's amazing. LMAO

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lol Is there ANYTHING Superman cant do

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@afierce said:
"Was Superman actually just punching fire? "
Yes. Yes, he was. Superman's so bad he can beat up fire.

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@Red Rum said:
" After seeing WW in action like that, I wonder why they didn't call this movie "Trinity: Apocalypse"? "
Oh god!
The next animated movie should totally be based on the Trinity book!
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looks rely cool except 
is superman really punching the fire?? i guess he doesnt have superintelligence too

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Does nobody pay attention to anything? We know what the next 3 are going to be in order.
All Star Superman
Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors
Batman: Year One
And It's called Superman/Batman: Apocalypse because it's directly based off the second storyline in the comic series of the same name, the second arc after Public Enemies.
Pay attention to these things xp
On a less condescending note, it looks like they're animating in the Style of Crisis on Two Earths instead of Public Enemies, which is odd since this is more or less a direct sequel to the latter and uses the same voices. Although COTE was easily the very best of these recent DVD movies and I would LOVE if this was a precursor to a new Justice League Animated Series with the animation style, voices, and continuity of COTE.
Also I apologize if I came off as an ass in my first part of this comment, it just sometimes surprises me how people can be right up on stuff like this but not know about the other nearly directly related stuff.

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That Superman.  He'll punch anything.
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@The Mighty Monarch:  Since the studio seems to stick to the source material very well should I still read Batman:Year One if they are going to make a movie about it?
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@Grimoire: In all honesty, I'm pissed that they're making this movie. Don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE Batman fan, but seriously? Everyone knows what happens in Year One. Next to nothing. Bruce Wayne trains. He lives and learns from failures. The End.
And they've been over his origin so many times. Year One exists already. It's called Batman Begins. It may not be the same, but all the important bits are there. Give some spotlight to some characters who need it more. The Flash for example? The only one of the big 5 NOT having a solo movie so far? Or The Outsiders! Best comic book team ever imo, and they have LOTS of Movie-Worthy stories.
And on another note, they're doing a good job of making these movies unique. Public Enemies was really close to the source, but most of the rest aren't directly based on any stories. Death of Superman was RADICALLY different than Superman: Doomsday, First Flight wasn't a direct comic, Wonder Woman wasn't, Crisis On Two Earths was only BARELY similar to Earth-2. Like, The set up is the same, Good Luthor comes to DCU earth and the JLA debate wether or not to help him. THAT'S THE END OF THE SIMILARITIES.
Red Hood was a great example of similar to the source yet clearly had it's own identity. BUT, if you notice, the ones based directly on comics use the same title. Public Enemies, New Frontier, etc. So, I'm sure Year One will be very close to the source since it shares the title, but honestly, it's the first time I've thought even an iota about skipping one of these straight to DVD DC movies.
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I just saw it. There is a fight with Superman+Supergirl vs Darkseid...................SWEEEEET!!!!!! Imo this movie was better than Superman vs Doomsday and the rest of the JLA movies so far!
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 @Matches Malone said:

" @afierce said:

"Was Superman actually just punching fire? "
Yes. Yes, he was. Superman's so bad he can beat up fire.

I've recently watched the original cartoon series and he punches a laser to submission! 
Can find the link to the episode in the spoiler. It is free and legal to watch due to how old it is.
Anyone got any details on the Superman/Shazam Dc Short?
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How did you see it?
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I already saw that movie and it was really good!!!
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@The Mighty Monarch:  Thanks for all the great info.
#22 Posted by The Mighty Monarch (3658 posts) - - Show Bio
@Grimoire: Yeah np, sorry if I ranted too much, I just have very strong opinions on some of these things XD 
If you liked that you might want to check out some of my comic reviews sometime.
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That looked a bit ridiculous, I'd still watch it though.

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I love it when they showcase Wonder Woman like that, I really enjoy the female characters in comic books, and that was superb. Can't wait to finally see this

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I was worried they werent going to add Barda! Im even happier now.

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