Superman/Batman #60, Who's Still Reading This?

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Do you think this title should continue?  Should the stories be out of continuity?  Should we see the "new" Batman and Superman team up?  Do you enjoy alternate reality stories?
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kill anyone but superman or batman

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I read the first 3 arcs and they weren't bad actually they were pretty killer but I have not read the rest. I'm actually really surprised that this is still ongoing too.

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July's issue #62 will have Robin and Supergirl.  Problem is, it's the Tim Drake Robin and not the "new" one.

Then #63 looks like it's back to "normal" but I don't think they're going to address the current events in both the Batman and Superman titles.
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I know who the other "mash-up" villain is.....drumroll please......

President Hillary Luthorobama Lobo.  A cross-dressing feral alien entity that sways people into thinking that Taco Bell tacos should be used as currency. 

Yo quiero...

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I liked some of the arcs in the book like getting rid of all kryptonite and getting each other's powers, but the fillers are really boring and dull to read. The book  has pretty good high points, and pretty low downs as well. But really, with Batman gone, this book should end. That it's not ending only says to me that they don't plan on keeping Bruce out of the loop for long.

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I'll give it a shoot.

#7 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (82979 posts) - - Show Bio

I stopped reading after they brought Supergirl back.

#8 Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir (19148 posts) - - Show Bio

Night lantern, Donna Wonder, Hawk beast, Aquaborg and... Flash. lmao @ Doom-stroke

#9 Posted by Chaos Agent (2158 posts) - - Show Bio

well it has the two big names of DC in  one comic, I'm pretty sure that no matter the quality it sells quitte well

#10 Posted by G-Man (40361 posts) - - Show Bio

That's why I've been buying it.  I haven't been reading every single issue but this one was a nice change.

#11 Posted by Buckshot (19358 posts) - - Show Bio

I kinda thought these had been out of continuity for a while. Even before Superman went off-world and things were going on with Batman and his whole Darkseid thing, it didn't really match up with normal continuity. It's just stories about Batman and Superman, continuity doesn't matter too much for enjoying the stories.

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I haven't pick up this last issue yet, still it's one of my favorites comics, I love the Bat/Supes team-ups. It's a comic full of potential. But lately it is true they haven't been writing to its potential, specially Superman being reduce to micro size and the litlle Justice League, that one was somewhat lame.

Still I love it. I whouldn't mind to see Superman teaming up with you know who, because they seam to get along just fine as bet is that Superman adventure will not long last and like he said it's something temporary, so I could see this Comic became sicronized with the DCU as well, maybe dedicating a small Issue just for Superman dealing with Batman RIP and then intruduce the new Batman/ old Supeman team-up.

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Buckshot said:
I kinda thought these had been out of continuity for a while. Even before Superman went off-world and things were ... [more]

yeah, Didio said in an interview on Newsarama that the book would work just like the brave and the bold
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I read it and I am still wondering why.   Night Lantern, Hawk Beast, and Aquaborg.   Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!    But once I saw Doomstroke I just stopped reading

#15 Posted by G-Man (40361 posts) - - Show Bio
Buckshot said:
I kinda thought these had been out of continuity for a while. Even before Superman went off-world and things were ... [more]
I agree, good stories are what matters.  I just want them to make a decision.  Obviously in the beginning the stories were in continuity (like the Supergirl stories, etc).  If it's just random "fun" stories, that's fine.  That's why I get Batman Confidential, for the stories.
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Staff said:
Has been deleted..

I really don't think that the title has been "in continuity" with the rest of the DCU for a quite some time now.  I honestly thought that Superman/Batman was going to be 24, maybe 36 issues tops.  The first run with Loeb and McGuiness was awesome.  And that first story arc is about to be the next DC animated film, "PUBLIC ENEMIES" coming out this Fall.  I liked Supergirl's return as well.  Then, once McGuiness jumped back onboard, they went into this crazy "Elseworld" that completely lost me.  After that, when Carlos Pacheco started drawing it, I think I stopped around issue #22 or #23.

I am really into the art of Francis Manapul.  Which is why I mainly got the issue.  I was pleased with it, but wasn't surprised at the, "this isn't reality" setting of the story.  But why tease who's behind all of this "Mash-Up" business?  Really?  It's not THAT hard to figure out. =)
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I know it wasn't much of a tease.  But since his full appearance was on the last page, I tend to not give that away or show it in the videos.  It's pretty obvious what two villains it'd have to be.  Kind of convenient that Batman and Superman ended up here.

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I actually went and read this, it was delightful. I haven't read Superman/Batman since Loeb's run...I stopped reading after the Robin/Superboy issue dedicated to his son. It always seemed a bit confusing with where it stood in continuity for me, especially since alternate realities was a frequent thing with it from what I remember.

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I haven't read the entire series but the issue I did read were good. I like the one with the characters from the 5th Dimension. I don't know if they have done this but a cool turn in the series might be if Superman and Batman disagree on something and end up on opposite sides. Not them actually fighting but deciding to go their seperate ways. Maybe Wonder Woman comes along and brings them back together. That might be an intersting story arc.  

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I stopped early in the series I think right after the supergirl arc. The artwork in the current issue might be enough for me to go out and get it... I wouldn't mind seeing Dick as the new batman in the series because I have no idea how superman reacted to Bruce's death in the normal universe.

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ooooo, this looks way awesome, i'd love to read this :]

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I read this last night. I thought it was alright. It was abit too light to take serious. But the best part is the last page. It's an excellent picture and I recommend it just for that.

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Alternate characters look and sound rad!!!

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hey G-Man said Hal Jordan when in the comic it SAID HAL GRAYSON!

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I hear right after Issue #13, the whole thing went out of continuity. Booster Gold should mess around in this timeline methinks.

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