Should Superman and Batman Date...

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Lol if you saw the title...let me explain
If Batman or Superman turned in a woman (or didnt...whatever your into) you think they would date?
tell me what
ex Batwoman marries Superman
Superman and Batman are in a on/off relationship

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Why not, they already fight like a married couple

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this was really going through your mind today was it?

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@cattlebattle said:
Why not, they already fight like a married couple
This right here.
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If batman was a woman, he's go lesbian for catwoman. 
If Superman was a woman, he'd go lesbian for superwoman.  What?  Not like they can have deformed kruptonian babies anymore... unless female kryptonians have penises... after all, superman acts like he has lady parts all the time as it is...

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@Dracade102 said:

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@GothamRed: ya....i read Halycyon #1 and thought....Wow, Vigilante marries a Superhuman...very interesting
Heck, Apollo and Midnighter are already married.. and like i said, it doesnt have to be gay marriage, one of them can change gender
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@Deranged Midget: do u think u can think up/find a CSI YEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH meme for this situation?
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Finally, someone else here who thinks strange thoughts!  Bump

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There was also the Elseworld JLA : Shogun of Steel, where Superman was in romantic relationship with the female version of Batman.

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@Dracade102 said:
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Batman would at least need to be trained by the amazons in order to attempt kissing and cuddling with Superman.

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@Billy Batson said:


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Yes. They are already in a relationship.

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WTF ?!

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