Review: Superman/Batman Apocalypse

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I enjoyed the movie but was very disappointed by the bonus disc.  I bought the 2 disc version and the 2nd disc was pretty bare.  There is a feature on Supergirl and then 2 episodes from the Superman Animated cartoon.  Not really worth the extra money.

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Given how cheesy the original story was this was pretty good.  If you expected anything more than tons of cool fights your expectations were too high!

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Just got the DVD but didn't see that Green Arrow short anywhere. Is it only on the Blu-ray?

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Norman... I can't believe of all the possible things to complain about, you complained about Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly voice overs... WHAT?!?

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Ehh, I don't like the or agree remotely with the chinese dude lol....sure it's Superman/Batman but umm, does every story ever have to involved "just them"? I mean if a Superman/Batman has Catwoman in it, he'd probably rip it too...lame IMO on his thoughts. Babs and G-man I agree with, not the best DC animated movie but definitely not bad by any means...I'd say average but entertaining and pretty good. Not a waste of time or money if you like Superman or Batman IMO.  

Also, unless you want the movie for like 2+hours of nonsense you can't have "everything Batman said in the comic" in the movie...and as for the different art styles...who cares? lol Every  movie won't look "exactly the same" and it shouldn't honestly.... I agree the most with G-man overall but not sure about the mascara part lol. Supergirl looked dead on I thought and Superman/Batman really didn't look THAT different from the previous movie together outside of Batman's cowls longer in this film.  
I completely agree about Darkseid's Voice, bad choice for him IMO...Ironside has that deeper, more badass and sinister sounding voice this where near.

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Only worth it for the fight at the end 

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Watched last night, cool like all DC animated movies. Not the best but fun to be sure.
Comic was a lot better thought.

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Unfortunately, it's not better than Public Enemies. I agree with their review, this story falls way short.
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My personal review of the DVD. First the artwork. I think they did a great job adapting Mike's style to the big screen. The story was shakey cause they left out a few things. I was really looking forward to seeing Superman fight Darkseid on the out edge of the Sun then trap him on the Source Wall. Not seeing that was a big let down. I didnt care much for how they potrayed Barda. I mean she is suppose to be a very tall woman also she was more fem in the comic. So all in all I agree it needs a 3.5 but I will put on layaway a 4.5 just cause I mean its Michael Turner's work on screen. That alone deserves extra points.
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Sara you look hot!  Dudes you need to clean up and help out Sara.  She always looks good, you guys need to suit up again lol.  either way, good review guys, I loved the movie as well. 

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Coming in late but this was a really great movie I can't believe so many naggers and I really applaud marketing on selling off this as a Batman Supes movie if they had just gone with Supergirl origins that movie would only be picked up for the Green Arrow short and the movie disc would gather dust but I finally understand why DC will never do another women's movie.

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Movie still kick ass I love it.

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I would have to disagree, this movie was awesome! My favorite part was when Wonder Woman and Big Barda fight the Female Furies. Awesome scene!

Though, sadly, the reason they called the dvd Superman & Batman (other than the fact it was an adaptation from the comic), is because people would buy it. Not a lot of people would buy it if it was called Supergirl. :/

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I thought this is a really bad review


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