Review of Superman/Batman Apocalypse

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DC's sequel to Superman/Batman: Public Enemies is another great animated feature for the DC universe. The movie includes Wonder Woman as well and gives people an introduction(Or reintroduction) to Clark Kent's cousin Kara and explains her history as well as establishing her as a big character. I love the animated comic movies, this one is no different. It brings back the original cast once again of Tim Daly as Superman and Kevin Conroy as Batman as well as many other recognizable voice overs. If your a fan of the Dc animated  films you can't miss this one

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I loved Barda and Wonder Woman, but Batman's characterization isn't my favorite.

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the movie was pretty good... loved the final battle scene with Superman and Supergirl vs Darkseid...
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I loved it, the end was epic! I agree with King Saturn, probably the best part of the movie. And I liked how they made Barda more "women like" and not so damn butch like the tv show.
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Funny, I've heard from alot of people that this movie sucked...

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