More Images From Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

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Superman/Batman: Public Enemies will be released on September 29, 2009.  You know the story.  President Lex Luthor uses the trajectory of an oncoming Kryptonite asteroid to frame Superman.  He places a $1 billion dollar bounty on his head along with his 'partner in crime,' Batman.  Soon it's heroes and villains going after the World's Finest.
Do you plan on picking up this movie on DVD or Blu-ray (or OnDemand or Pay-Per-View)?  Are you looking forward to seeing this story told as an animated feature?  What characters are you looking forward to seeing?

Captain Atom is under orders from President Luthor to pursue Superman and Batman

Mr. Freeze and Captain Cold are just a couple of the villains hoping to get some cold cash

Lady Shiva will get the upper hand on Batman with a blindside attack

Major Force uses aggression over diplomacy in trying to capture Superman and Batman

Mongul and Solomon Grundy?  Uh oh...
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Having Mr. Freeze in this is just another bonus!!!

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What about Lady Shiva?  Was she in the original story?  I forgot about that.

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These new designs are a mixed bag.

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she probably had a cameo
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glad to see major force in a superman/batman movie

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@G-Man: Yes, Lady Shiva appear in the story :D
I think this movie is gonna be great! gonna get it the day it comes out :D
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i hope to see power girl maybe a possible ally
im sure those two might have allies

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this is going to be great
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@Nahero:  Yeah Power Girl is in it and she's voiced by Allison Mack 
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This is gonna be great but Mongul and Solomon Grundy? working together? eh what do I care the smashing is what I want to see anyway and these two certainly do bring the smash.

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HOLY SH!T!!!!! LADY SHIVA. YES YES YES. I'm fanboying out over here right now.

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@G-Man said:
"What about Lady Shiva?  Was she in the original story?  I forgot about that. "

yep.  Batman thinks about how she gave Catwomen an ass kicken and takes her out.
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Don't really care for the designs, they don't feel original and veer on "generic superhero" in my eyes. (When is Timm gonna be allowed to design in his style?) But whatever, I'll still at least rent it.
Is it a good idea to actually read the comic first? I might...

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Cant fraggin wait for this

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Man i love this i hope they continue to make animated versions of good story arcs like this.Sinsetro crops war movie ftw. I really what to see the batman Lady Shiva fight it was kind of short in the comic but it was still cool.

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Looks good. 

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@Sasuke said:
" I really what to see the batman Lady Shiva fight it was kind of short in the comic but it was still cool. "
My thoughts exactly. I dont want to see Batman one shot Shiva as if she's some kind of jobber.
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looks mint
#20 Posted by Incredible Hulk-Prime (1525 posts) - - Show Bio

I might get this movie it sound really awsome.I always wasnted to see a DC movie like this.
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Totally getting this when it comes out. Liking Solomun grundy and mongul working together they will definatly tear sup stuff up also Lady shiva looks pretty cool aswell as Captain Atom and Major force :):) 
Also Freeze and Capt.Cold look awsome so basically looks dare i say it..........JAWESOME !!!
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I'm probably going to wait for this to go to TV. After GL was a huge disappointment, I'm going to stick off animated movies for a while.

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omg, solomon grundy and mongul HAHA this is gonna be an historical fight scene in animation history i cant wait
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@G-Man said:
"What about Lady Shiva?  Was she in the original story?  I forgot about that. "

yeah she was under grodd's mind control for a little bit of the book.
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im just spazzing out over here..Im gonna go read the original story now.

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Mr.Freeze looks F-ing sweet. I cannot wait to pick this up.

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Damn, Sup is looking ripped. Much more so then in past animated incarnation.
Having Lady Shiva is a nice touch. Makes me wonder if Cassie-Batgirl will appear.
I don't know if I will buy this, but I can guaranty you that I will rent it to check it out.

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They made Captain Cold look like a chump as far as art goes.

#29 Posted by TheBug (1121 posts) - - Show Bio

The movies going to be kick ass. Plain and simple.
#30 Posted by NightFang (10850 posts) - - Show Bio

Looks good.

#31 Posted by AngelFrost (2850 posts) - - Show Bio

Lady Shivaaa! <3

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this looks awsome. when does it camo and when does the official episodes start. what channel. 
good to see a more focused film/ tv show. on some of the lesser such as major force- who is more know for killing alex who was kyle rayner's girlfriend 
solomon grundy- born on monday 
and specially mongul- is it his son or the father though 
the sun of mongul also sharing the same name is currently at war with the green lantern corps wielding stolen sinestro corps rings and leading his own section of sinestro soldiers 
plus they included mr freeze. more commanly known due to several batman movies or tv shows. captain cold. a classic barry allen flash villan. its good to see some show on him.  
same fro lady shiva. ive only ever seen her in the comics so this should be good to see how they portray her on screen. 
and deffo a good choice putting captain atom on there. he isnt know well but a main story line he was in was years back with the Justice league task force. devoted to the goverment in this and in the JLU episode question i think. 
also im hoping to see a green lantern hal would be with supes. guy is just badarse so he'd be all over the f***ing place. John And Kyle would be a goos sight as well. seeing as most of the heroes in the images where shown at some point in the 3 season animated show "Justice League Unlimited". Others shown in such shows as batman The Animated series etc
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hate the drawings of superman and batman but am still gonna download it once it come  oug lol

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Ha. Man. Looks awesome.

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Honestly? I'm not so much of a fan of the artwork. I kind of feel like the more detailed they try to make a cartoon that isn't HIGH (by high I mean theater worthy) budget the worse it becomes.

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Shiva =D 
I'm getting this

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@G-Man said:
"What about Lady Shiva?  Was she in the original story?  I forgot about that. "
In the comic she gets one shotted by Batman. Pretty lame actually.
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@Gambler said:
" @G-Man said:
"What about Lady Shiva?  Was she in the original story?  I forgot about that. "
In the comic she gets one shotted by Batman. Pretty lame actually. "
To be honest, I don't expect her treatment to be different in the movie, but it'd be great to see a kickass hand-to-hand battle between them.
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i agree with you,man.

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this is gonna be great i like how they are drawn

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WIl they keep the charge of the white house scene. Hope so, you had conner, tim dick, and krypto all there busting out bruce and clark.

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