How the *** did Batman survive this attack by Superman? SERIOUS!?

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More of a Batman topic than Superman, but none the less...
Catching up with my  Superman/Batman books, I came across this lovely piece:
Superman / Batman Issue # 39:

1st Page: 
A hypnotized Superman is ordered by Darkseid's sorcerer to "KILL" Batman.  He flies towards Batman with super-human speed that basically plows through an alien building cutting it in half as he also tears the ground below him.  Superman then throws a powerful vicious right punch, but instead of striking his target, he hits another alien building/structure instead, since Batman manages to use his super-human quickness (or should I just say "human" quickness) to evade Superman's attack.  Explanation?  According to Batman: Superman just seemed "slow".

2nd Page
Superman's initial blow obliterates the alien building/structure from the previous page.  He then lends chase to Batman, and using his super-human speed again, appears right in front of the surprised Dark Knight (and he thought Superman seemed slow on the page before), connecting with a direct punch to Batman's sternum.  "BAM" indeed.

3rd Page
I don't know about you, but a direct hit like that from Superman should blow a hole into Batman's torso.  Yet, Batman is shown having survived that direct hit from Superman (surprise-surprise) with only some shattered ribs and "possibly a lung".   More surprisingly, Batman still manages to stand up from his painful injuries.  
Not seen on this page, but on the next issue: Batman is later saved from being literally murdered by Superman, by turning invisible thanks to Orion's wife Bekka.  
One issue later...
Superman / Batman Issue # 41

Last page:  
It is later explained that Batman survived Superman's direct punch because he was "holding back".  
The end.
So this is the problem, and by the way, I'm just going to skip the whole "Superman seemed slow" part to make this shorter, and just go straight to him throwing the punch -- So if Superman was "holding back" when he punched Batman, why the heck did his 1st punched (the one that missed), literally blew up a whole building?  Guess Superman was NOT "holding back" on that one?  But then he later decides to "hold back" once he threw his 2nd punch???  Is this explanation for real!!??
I mean Batman's pretty much god-like invincible nowadays and that's a given!  Even more so than any super hero in the world including Superman.  But this explanation is just... contradictory.... plain ridiculous... and just lazily written.
I understand that we have to believe that Batman can hang with the super power boys, always managing to stay alive despite facing super powered villains left and right.  Heck, he even survived fighting against Darkseid in 2 different Superman/Batman issues!  Simply because Darkseid (or any other super powered being for that matter) don't seem to always take Batman so seriously.  You would think they'd learn by now for like the last 60 years Batman's been around; so instead of super punching Batman across the city like they did to Superman in the same comic just a few panels before, they simply just grab Batman by the throat, tell him a story about their troubled childhood until Batman shakes lose of their grip; or worse case scenario for Batman, he just gets toss gently aside.
I just wish the writers would at least make it more believable.  Instead it's written like we, the readers, are just supposed to believe everything they want us to believe.   As if we're just kids.  
C'mon all you Batman, Superman/Batman, or whomever DC writers, please try harder!  This is not Infinity Crisis!  We want clear explanations!  This isn't your grand father's comics written back in the 60's!  This was written in 2008!  Make it more believable!  
Say that Batman lived through the attack because he was really Captain Marvel in disguise!  Heck, you can say it never happened coz Batman was just dreaming; I know it's a lazy way out, but it's actually much more believable in this story's context.  Or say that Batman was wearing Adamantium armor underneath or something... but then again, why would a simple knife cut leave a tear in his costume?  But use something, anything!  At least the Captain America writers manage to always have Cap, consistently shield himself with his indestructible Vibranium Shield whenever a fatal blow is about to connect!  Something as simple as that is more believable!  You don't expect the readers to just sit down believing Batman gets punched by Superman, and lives through it without a sound explanation. 
What does anyone else think?  Are you fine with whatever the writer just tells you, no questions asked?  Would you rather see more believability in their stories? 

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Well, first, I would like to say that I've seen picture of people with head open, and still live, or even walk...  
But anyway, you're essentially right : Batman should be, -at least-, crawling on the ground, and not being able to talk and making bold statement...

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@Son_of_Magnus said:
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He remembered to bring his anti-superman killing him device.

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@Son_of_Magnus said:
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I'm a fan of Batman, but even I must say that was PIS.

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@Jordanstine: Batman really really needs an Iron Man level suit to put on when he goes out on these cosmic adventures with the Justice League. It still wouldn't put him on level with Supes, GL, Martian Manhunter, etc. but it would make it more believable that he could survive the event in order to play his masterminding/espionage/sabatoge role in the mission. When he's doing his crimefighting thing around Gotham he can wear his regular suit.
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Did you really revive a year old thread?

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nice picture
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@GTG12: yup
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@Primmaster64: Dude...awesome picture and I just realized it's from the "reboot" Jim Lee's Superman looks awesome.

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He's Batman

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@jordanstine That's why most of us read comics. To be entertained. Because sometimes, real life can be boring. You want the fights to be realistic? Watch boxing instead (joke). You say make it believable, but meanwhile the story you were mentioning has an alien from krypton who shoots lasers out of his eyes and flies. I'm sure we can all agree that once you pick up a superhero comic, you would expect fantasy and a little stretch. As long as the plots aren't too ridiculous, I'm good with Batman surviving fights with super beings.

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i am buping this because there are not enough replys but here are my thoughts on this

i think they have to do all thise "supes held back" even tho his held back punches destroy a building because batman fans would throw a giant fit if superman was able to just punch batman in the stomach instantly killing him

personally i think he should prep his insider suit to be able to last atleast 1 week without a recharge and use it for his JLA interactions it owuld make for epic battles and batman could actually save people like the teleport funtction he telleports into a building (i know he can only teleport like 4 feet) and then like teleports past a wall with like Wonder Woman or Hal Jordan tied up and captured and he rescues them

i would love to see batman as more of a supporting character utilizing stratagies and stealth in combat to get behind enemy lines and come up with plans and stuff since "batman always has a plan"

and just to be a batman fan i will say that the only reason he always survives superman is cause...


or anti-X spray because you know science :P

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You can not kill a legend.

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