Batman and Superman to Appear on the Big Screen - in LEGO Form

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Here's a bit of news that came out yesterday. We didn't get a chance to post it right away and I didn't see a thread in the forums. We've been waiting for some time to see Batman and Superman on the big screen and it's finally going to happen...sort of.

Variety reported that the two heroes will appear only it will be in Lego form.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs) will be directing Lego: The Piece of Resistance, a hybrid of live-action and Lego-based animation. The casting process is taking place and Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation) will voice the lead character, Emmet, an "ordinary, law-abiding, Lego mini-figure who is mistaken for the most extraordinary MasterBuilder." Emmet gets pulled into a quest to stop an evil tyrant from "gluing the universe together."

Batman will be voiced by Will Arnett and Channing Tatum has been targeted to voice Superman but hasn't committed yet due to his busy schedule. A release date hasn't been announced but imdb has an 'untitled' Lego movie listed for a February 28, 2014 release date.

This may not be an official live-action Justice League movie and it's not clear how much of a role the two heroes will have but at least it's a start.

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Well it's a start at least.

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This could end up being on par with Better Off Dead.

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awesome. the game is awesome. so far. havent gotten yet to flash. dammit.

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@primepower53 said:



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I think the game is probably going to be better.

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Yeah, that's real nice. Hey DC, how about trying to make an ACTUAL LIVE ACTION MOVIE?!?!?!??!!?! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!

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I've enjoyed the game a lot so hopefully this could be good.

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@Smart_Dork_Dude said:

Yeah, that's real nice. Hey DC, how about trying to make an ACTUAL LIVE ACTION MOVIE?!?!?!??!!?! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!


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@edtie97 said:

I think the game is probably going to be better.

Isn't that kind of what the new LEGO Batman is?

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@primepower53 said:


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@Lvenger said:

Well it's a start at least.

yup i agree

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Hmm, sounds kind of cute...

Well, have to start somewhere, right?..

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So the guy in the $6300 suit is going to play Batman COME ON!!!

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This sounds pretty cool. Wonder if we'll get Marvel and Star Wars characters as well.

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@noj said:

So the guy in the $6300 suit is going to play Batman COME ON!!!


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I will check it out. Hope it has the justice league in it.
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bring the animated batman: the brave and the bold to the big screen!

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@sethysquare said:

@Lvenger said:

Well it's a start at least.

Yup, I agree.


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This could work. It's better than ignoring all continuity by doing a live action Batman vs Superman film without Bale or Cavill.

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I don't know about a Lego movie, but I am excited to see Superman and Batman together on the Big Screen

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If they put Star Wars or Marvel Lego characters in it too, could be the only chance we'd ever get at some amazing crossover action. Iron Man + Harry Potter + Darth Vader + Jack Sparrow + Indiana Jones + Bats & Supes? That could be interesting.

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I love batman Lego i'm sure Batman and Superman lego will also rock :D

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The game was fun. So I'm looking forward to this.

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Nice! Looks like this Batman's using the Incorporated suit. Love it.

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Im surprised though. I'm not sure how they'll pull of a CGI cum live action movie. I know they did it with Smurfs but not sure how legos could translate on screen. Nevertheless Im still excited.

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...Screw you, WB.

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Baby steps.

As long as we're making progress, I'm all for it!

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