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The Earth has suffered an apocalypse, and Superman's trying to save Gotham City! But, is there anything worth saving?

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Superman at the Earth End's review 0

Wow, I am shocked that no one reviewied this trainweck before here on Comicvine. So I do it.Superman at the Earth's End is without the doubt one of the worst comicbooks from all time along with One More Day and the Crossing. It represents everything bad about the Nineties when superheroes are crazy, they all look gritty and have really big guns, and that is just the good part. What follows is a incoherent mess of a history filled with plot holes and broken morals that are throw without any consi...

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By The Angry Comic Book          Superman you know that guy who stands for all those things like truth, justice and the American Way well apparently he's not around in this comic because all I see is what looks to be a homeless man in desperate need of a shave carrying what looks to be some kind of strange junk-like-gun thing but for simplicities sake lets call this gun "Dick Chaney". Now this book is a sequel to another else world tale called Kamandi At Earths End but I'm not going to get into ...

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