ironherc's Superman Annual #1 - Alien Extinction! review

The prologue of a daemonite war?

Superman annual marks the beginning of Scott Lobdell’s run on the man of steel. To my surprise the solicitations completely lied to me since it has nothing to do with our hero been captured by aliens and force him to play in a game of death where he would meet a new green lantern (probably Baz). But instead we got something we needed to see for this title, an actual direction that will most likely lead to big events in the DCU and probably my long awaited appearance of wildstorm’s first team finally assembled....Wildcats for those who don't know.

The issue starts in a planet far away years ago where a prince has just lost his wife and ends up banished because he claims that the daemonite in their race is dying and their ruler a queen doesn’t give a damn about it and blows him off just because he just crashed one of her cool parties….geez, if she easily banishes her own kin off the planet for something like that then imagine how many kids she has already forced to move away.

We then move to the present time where is getting ready to work as he is living with his pal olsen. Things go fine as he walks among the people and just loves it compared to fly around as he usually, claiming that he feels so much better and normal. But then a giant spaceship arrives. He uses his special vision to see who is responsible for this and for his shock is Helspont. Knowing this he claims that “This is a job for Superman!” as he flies into action (how much I love that phrase, it’s like….he is quickly reminding me of how superman truly is!). our hero arrives in space quickly but he is soon stopped by Helspont who pimp slaps superman and sends him towards the moon where he suffers his first concussion. Oh crud, now we are going to see him been sent to that hunger games knockoff where he---oh no he is saved by grifter…wait what? Apparently this issue takes place right after grifter 12 where he is taken along with deathblow to the daemonite’s ship and they just blew it up but it was a fake for what I heard. But things aren’t over as a daemonite called biomass destroys part of the ship and superman quickly saves the two wildstorm heroes, facing off the monster by himself. As all this happened, we also get to see the martian manhunter, starfire and hawkman who were doing things from the books they appear in suddenly get attacked by different daemonites, they take down the heroes but are spared. Hinting a conection with all that is happening. After defeating biomass, superman confronts Helspont for the last time where the villain explains his background. Revealing that he was the prince from the beginning and he gained the power of the “blue flame” to become what he is now and shared it with his race (explaining all the blue). He then explains that they were already existing on earth for thousands of years to use the metagene that was slowly growing to help his people but most of them decided to live like normal people so he started murdering them. The issue ends when he decides to leave and hints that he also met clark’s father once before he leaves, promising to come back making superman feel useless of how easily the daemonites could take over if their leader wills it.

The Good:

First off this annual is filled with action which i really enjoyed since the book really has been a little lackluster. Is good to see that helspont is quickly becoming a formidable enemy for superman (came from wildstorm sure but is great to have him testing the might of the man of steel). Also liked how superman is acting like well you know….superman. He is more relaxed and happy than ever before and even goes on to say “This is a job for Superman”. Sure, he feels a little lonely still and some of the ways he express himself are a little off but hey! If he keeps it up, he might slowly become the hero he all know and love. Also love how this is almost like a reverse Mr Majestic syndrome since superman now is the one who is entering the wildstorm universe (in the dcu of course). Just hope I can get to see Mr Majestic soon, earth needs as many strong kheribum’s to defend it.

The Bad:

As much as I can’t wait to see how superman will deal with the daimonites the problem is that other characters that have their own tittles and are dealing with things right in this annual makes this not so self contained. I got to read rob liefield’s run on grifter by chance a few days ago and I was lucky to be able to understand what was going on. Still, I feel that annuals should be self contained even if the are hinting towards a big events that are coming, or simply write it in a way people who don't read those titles can's not that hard. Also the art was kinda off, making wish to have Rocafort not only doing the covers but actually work on the tittle.

Overall: 4/5

A very enjoyable read as it gives me real big high hopes of what it is to come for the man of steel and has quickly made me want to know more about the daemonites. They have not only shown to be a bigger threat than anticipated but also part of the superman mythos which is great. This I hope it will make the book greater than ever (since the tittle has many constant ups and downs which isn't the treatment DC's most iconic hero deserves). So for now Loebdell is fine with me.


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