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Ever since Superman first flew the skies of Metropolis, Luthor has been obsessed with finding a way to destroy him. Why? We take a closer look at what makes Superman's greatest enemy tick!

After Lex Luthor devises scheme after scheme in order to take down Superman, Superman just has to ask, "Why do you hate me so much?"

Detailed Plot

After Superman stops killer androids programmed to track down Superman by his dense molecular structure, Superman flies to LexCorp Tower and accuses Lex Luthor of creating them. Using his X-ray vision Superman was able to determine that the parts of the androids came from LexCorp.

Luthor claims his innocence and claims the parts were stolen by a crazed ex-employee. Superman is not to be deterred and asks Luthor why he spends his time fighting Superman. "What have I ever done to make you hate me this much?" Luthor retorts: "If you have to ask, you'll never know."

After Superman leaves LexCorp, Luthor asks Mercy for the damage report, which is only 10 million dollars. Mercy states that they may be on budget this month (for a change). Luthor expresses his frustration at being thwarted by Superman again and again, and that the mayor Metropolis is dedicating a statue of Superman that afternoon.

When a news report of Superman angers Lex, causing him to throw a bust of Einstein through his television, Lex decides to go to the dedication ceremony for "inspiration."

Hours after the dedication Luthor is still staring at the statue of Superman. Mercy asks why this statue bothers Luthor so when his own name adorns many schools and hospitals in the Metropolis area. Luthor explains that he paid for all those achievements while this statue didn't cost Superman a penny. Inspired, Luthor heads back to LexCorp to put his new plan into action.

In the Daily Planet offices, Jimmy Olsen questions why Superman failed to show up for the dedication and Clark Kent says that maybe Superman would find the public attention uncomfortable. Perry White comes in and yells at Jimmy when "tomorrow's front page" is happening at that moment downtown.

At the Metropolis subway station, Parasite has been cornered by the police. As Superman is briefed on the situation, there is a massive thump. As Superman prepares to leap in to action, a new superhero, Superior-Man, emerges with Parasite over his shoulder.

As the press corp takes photos of Metropolis's newest hero, Superior-Man explains that he's there to replace Superman.

Superior-Man quickly makes an impression on the Metropolis public, quickly taking down Kalibak, Toyman, and Titano. Superior-Man also gets the public endorsement of Lex Luthor and LexCorp. At that point, Superman begins to wonder what Superior-Man's true motives are.

When Superman encounters Superior-Man, Superior-Man makes fun of Superman and asks if he's been knocked down to rescuing cats and helping old ladies cross the street. Superman states that he isn't a superhero for the publicity and that he has no intentions of leaving Metropolis. At that point, Superior-Man says he has a message for Superman from Lex Luthor and punches Superman through a manufacturing plant. Superior-Man and Superman fight, and Superior-Man explains that Luthor's goal was to show Superman how easily he could go from being the city's hero in one moment to being forgotten in the next. During the fight Superman throws a car at Superior-Man. In the fire that ensues, Superior-Man is revealed to be Metallo. Luthor brainwashed Metallo and covered his metal body in Superior-Man skin. Enraged by Luthor's treachery, Metallo attacks Luthor on is helicopter pad on top of LexCorp Tower. Metallo crushes Luthor's helicopter into a ball and threatens to force feed the ball to Luthor.

At that point Superman shows up in a lead-lined radiation suit and rips out Metallo's kryptonite heart. Superman then delivers a stinging rant to Luthor, saying that Luthor has wasted his talent and money instead of making the world a better place.

Back in Luthor's offices, Mercy asks if Luthor is still thinking about what Superman said. Luthor decides instead of taking Superman's words to heart to instead rededicate his efforts in bringing Superman down.

In a flash back, we see a seven-year-old Lex Luthor making plans for his future empire. His father asks why he can't stop making plans and be a normal boy. Luthor exclaims that he intends to lock down upon Metropolis and have everyone look up to him.

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