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A woman vying for Superman's attention gets her wish when the media mistakenly identifies her as his girlfriend! At first she loves the idea...but she regrets her wish when Metallo steps in and kidnaps her to get back at the Man of Steel!

A new superhero is in town. His name is Superior Man. He is a braggart and a show-off type. Capturing headlines for the first few days, he wants to get Superman out of the way. So he asks Superman to leave Metropolis. Superman is unwilling to leave. So Superior Man gets into a fight with Superman. He is quickly revealed as Metallo. Metallo has been brainwashed by Luthor into working for him. Metallo is so angry that he blasts Superman out of his way and goes after Luthor.

Luthor is getting into a chopper when Metallo intercepts him. He is ready to kill Luthor but does not quite succeed. Superman arrives in a lead-lined suit and removes Metallo's kryptonite heart.

Superman then asks Luthor to stop his mindless attacks on him and try to spend his life more creatively. Luthor is confused but quickly makes up his mind NOT to.

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