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What could possibly make The Man of Steel decide to stop being Superman? Superboy and Supergirl catch up with him in Portland, Oregon, and they want answers!

Note: The cover of this issue is a tribute to Superman #201 which also had the title "Clark Kent Abandons Superman" and had a very similar cover minus Superboy and Supergirl.

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An Issue that covers something which is not needed... 0

So the end of Grounded is near. Some have enjoyed it due to comparisons between the legendary Green Lantern-Green Arrow storyline whereas others have criticised it due to poor story telling. As for me, I think there have been good and bad issues but whether this issue will be a good one remains to be seen.SynopsisSuperman decides to give up being Superman and then meets a Superman fan who tells him Why The World Needs Superman.SPOILERS!!!The Good· Truthfully, there are some good points made in t...

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Did Elliot S! Maggin Just Talk Some Sense into Grounded Superman? 0

I have not been silent concerning my dissatisfaction with the "Grounded" storyline, and this issue was one of the worst yet. I actually started to enjoy the series a bit more since Chris Roberson took scripting over from Straczynski (and brought a lot of superhero cameos with him), but the story has lost a bit of continuity. The last Grounded chapter seemed to end on a positive note in Superman #711. Supes seemed proud that he was able to solve the Livewire problem by turning her to the forces o...

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