mediocore's Superman #711 - Grounded, Part Nine review

Livewire: Grounded

After eleven tedious, longwinded, and incredibly boring issues, The Man of Steel takes flight once more and faces a real villain instead of his own psyche.

The Story
So Livewire is out and about in the City of Sin, and she is more powerful than ever. Superman, freshly off of his little whiny "Forrest Gump" stint, realizes it's up to him to face down this villainess before someone gets hurt. Thankfully, Jimmy Olsen is on the scene to aid Superman.

It was nice to Superman start acting like a superhero again, what with using his brains and brawn. And having Jimmy Olsen around to help save the day was a nice bonus too. The nod the the "Electric Superman" of the 90's was also a pleasant nod. However, skip the last page unless you want the whole thing to just become cliched (and weakly apologetic due to the whole "American citizenship" thing) and quite jarring. Besides that, solid story, which is a welcome thing at this point in the run. Roberson obviously knew how to put some damage control back onto the series due to JMS's egotistical and boring run.

The Art
Barrows does a solid job of illustrating this Superman story, and gave us some well rendered pages of action, which has been severely lacking for a while now.

I was honestly about to drop this book, as I have been one of the few still holding on to hope for the Man of Steel's title, but it was getting really stale, really fast. This issue was a beacon of hope, and renewed my interest. If you've been disappointed by what's been happening in this monthly, or gave up on it, I'd strongly suggest that now is the time to consider getting back into it, as it is showing signs of new life and new direction, or at least a familiar direction we all missed.


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