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I Finally Care Again

Superman's walk-a-thon gets interrupted by a super-charged Livewire in Las Vegas. Does Superman have what it takes to stop her?

The Good

Finally, an issue in this storyline I like. I've really been disappointed with this arc, and I've finally read an issue I've truly enjoyed. I'm a fan of Livewire and always have been. She's super-powered in this one: she has super-speed and can become images on a television screen. We get to see the insane side of Livewire in this issue, and we get a little bit on 90s nostalgia when Superman beats her.

I love the fact that Jimmy Olsen is always at the wrong place at the wrong time. It has a great Silver Age feel to it, which is some of the first Superman books I picked up and read. It's a pretty engaging read as well. Lots of great action. You'll fly through this issue pretty quick, and hopefully, you'll enjoy almost every moment of it.

The Bad

There's a few weird moments in this issue that I'm just not sure about. First, there's this girl with a green crystal, I don't think it's Kryptonite, but she just disappears towards the end of the story, and her purpose in this issue is simply, "hi. Here I am. I have this thing." I'm interested, but I'm also a little disappointed.

Then there's the last page. In Action Comics 900, Superman "denounces" his US Citizenship, and many people got upset about it. In Superman 711, Superman talks about the American Way and how it's not just for people born in America, it's for everyone. With all the talk about this topic, I'm a bit sick of it. I could have easily done without that last page. I get it Superman loves America, but he also loves the world.

The Verdict

So far, it's without a doubt the best issue in this storyline because it's actually an interesting read. It's great to see Livewire and Superman go at it again, and I'm always a fan of seeing a little bit of Jimmy Olsen thrown in there. There's some unanswered questions in this issue, which could lead to some very cool things. However, you have to get through a whole page of Superman talking once again about America and the world. I really enjoyed this issue, and I recommend it, but skip the last page.
Posted by Primmaster64

So...its a good issue?

Posted by where4artthoucarlos
@Primmaster64: i thought it was
Posted by doordoor123

Im sorry but im still not convinced. Grounded needs to end so i can start reading Superman again.

Posted by Nasar7
@doordoor123: I'm waiting for Grounded to end so I can start reading Superman.
Posted by inferiorego
@doordoor123 said:
" Im sorry but im still not convinced. Grounded needs to end so i can start reading Superman again. "

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