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Review: Superman #710

Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne fight Vandal Savage... This story tells the first meeting of this duo in their civilian lives.

The Good

It's an interesting story. Kinda cool to see Clark Kent, all super-powered, take on the immortal Vandal Savage and his army, and Bruce be all pre-Batman ninja dude, swinging around with a bunch of bats, but other than that, I was bored stiff. I thought the artwork on this book, for the most part was very strong, and it reminded me of Leinil Yu's work over at Marvel, so that made me pretty happy I guess.

The Bad

There's little to nothing I like about this book, other than the concept of Bruce and Clark teaming up. This was one of the few times where I was just really glad the issue was over. I mentioned that I like the art, "for the most part." The problem I had was that when Superman and Batman were talking (in costume), a majority of the time, the backgrounds just disappeared. Nothing but a white background. This grounded storyline has been pretty tame, and I'm glad it's almost over. This has been probably the most boring storyline for any character I've ever read.

The Verdict

Although you may think it, I don't hate this book. There are some "ok elements to it, but overall, it's just not worth your time. It's the end of a story line, so there's no reason to jump on at this point, and frankly this is probably my least favorite JMS issue.
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Posted by carnivalofsins00

Am I glad to have dropped this title. When will this Grounded thing be over?

Posted by zombietag

ive not read much from straczynski that i like. i think hes kind of overrated, but hes definitely established.

i did love spider-mans arc for civil war though, that was awesome.
Posted by longbowhunter

Dropped out at #702. Sooo glad I did.
Posted by Primmaster64

Action Comics for me.

Posted by Blurred View

I'm glad I quit reviewing this book. It was just getting painful.

Posted by limbani

i fully agree with the review. this book is just awful.

Posted by They Killed Cap!

I loved this story.
Posted by crestfallen

The complete story arc is just boring.

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