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The Grounded Guy is Back!!!!


At last! Following exam revision and a lack of comics I haven’t been able to do any reviews. But now I’m back and continuing with the Grounded storyline. Will it improve from the average Superman #705?




The Daily Planet is feeling the recession and an Internet Blog site has accused the Daily Planet of bribing Superman for interviews? Can Perry think of a way to clear the Planet’s name?




The Good


·         Wilson does a great job of spotlighting Perry White at his greatest. You can finally grasp from this issue why Perry is such an intriguing, stable part of Superman’s supporting cast and how his ‘old school’ journalistic views are still effective today as they were back ... whenever it was Perry learned them.

·         G Willow Wilson chooses to deal with real life problems in this comic. Sometimes that can be a bad thing in a world where people can fly, bend steel and shoot lasers from their eyes but here it’s played put quite well. The financial crisis hitting the Planet as it has been other newspapers and the threat of blogging overtaking newspapers are nice choices. Pitting the 2 against each other in this issue makes for a good read.

·         Perry’s ways of dealing with the accusations hurled at the Planet are pure genius. First, by sending an undercover mole into the enemy camp is a good start then disproving the money thing by stating it was from his own personal funds shows Perry’s selfless commitment to the Planet. Finally, by recruiting Jack Hoffman (the head of Urbanitis who accused the Planet of corruption) and securing someone who understands the new media and will be able to transfer that knowledge to the planet is another brilliant decision by Perry.

·         Wilson also delivers humour and irony into the story. Perry’s many “Great Caesar’s...” jokes are pretty funny but the true irony comes from the accusations at the Planet and Lois’ response. This is because Superman and Lois are married so any form of affection they show each other would be perfectly fine where it not for the fact Superman’s identity remains a secret as his enemies would use his loved ones to get to him. As such, it puts Lois in a moral dilemma as she hasn’t seen the photos. There are 2 choices in the matter. The first, which Lois did was to tell a white lie, which involved telling the truth but leaving things out. Evidently she can’t do the second thing which is admit Superman is her husband!

·         The art in this issue is fantastic! Amilcar Pinna’s inking is highly reminiscent of Renato Guedes’ art and I loved that so that’s a plus. The colouring in here is the high point of the comic both on people’s faces and on luscious backgrounds as well.

The Bad

·         I don’t particularly see the point of this interlude. Why not just continue with the story as opposed to drawing out time with a good but pointless issue?

·         Superman only appears in 2 pages of his own comic book. He’s not really appearing anywhere else and yet he’s supposed to be DC’s flagship character. That sucks.

·         Sandeep and all the Urbanitis characters are pretty much ignorable. They’re not going to be appearing again anytime soon so what was the point in creating them

·         The cover is very meh. Sometimes John Cassaday produces a really striking cover whereas at other times he doesn’t.

Well Grounded is back on track at least for now but what will the next issue bring? Find out in my next review. Till then, see ya!

Final Scores:


Story: 7/10

Art: 8/10

Cover: 5/10

Overall: 7/10

Posted by Terrific_T

I was so angry about the lack of Superman in a Superman comic.

Posted by Lvenger
@Terrific_T:  I know same here! But despite this it was a good supporting cast issue. I just didn't see the point of it. This story is supposed to focus on Superman and yet this issue is about Perry White? However I seem to be one of the few people that actually like the Grounded story. Everyone else seems to be hating on it loads. Thanks for the recommendation btw.
Posted by Terrific_T
@Lvenger: I was pretty annoyed with "Grounded" until about #705, then I started to kind of get a feel for what it was about and I appreciated it more. #708 was a great issue for Supes, though! (Not so much WW) Have you read that one yet? Its definitely my favorite issue of "Grounded" so far. 
Also, yeah. It was nice to see the supporting cast back in action again. I miss them. I just kind of felt like I wasted my money on Superman comic with barely any Superman.
Posted by Lvenger
@Terrific_T:  I haven't read Superman #707 or 708 yet but they've come in my recent comic order. Basically the company I ordered them from screwed up big time so to compensate they sent me a huge batch of 16 comics with those 2 issues included. I'll post my review for those 2 as soon as I can. I am looking forward to 708 though as I like the thought of the new WW teaming up with Supes. One thing the new WW series doesn't touch on is the existence of Cassie and Donna. TBH it's a major paradox and a poor decision by DC. How can 2 characters inspired by WW still exist when she is now hardly known across the world?
Edited by Terrific_T
@Lvenger: Oh, gotcha! #707 was kind of a downer, it was interesting though. I really really liked #708 though. It was fun. 
LOL! I just asked that same question about Donna and Cassie in my WW #607 review! It makes no sense. It's like sometimes Wonder Woman did exist and sometimes she didn't. I remember in one of the Bruce Wayne: The Road Home issues, somebody asked Bruce if he had a Wonder Woman fetish and he replied, "Maybe..." This was when WW was already like 3 issues into the current run. Whatever... LOL!
Posted by Lvenger
@Terrific_T:  The glaring problems of continuity never cease to amaze me. And what about Flashpoint? That's going to inflict even more time based shennanigans onto the DCU WW included. How can you change one time paradox with another? Kinda weird and goes into pretty deep quantum physics, most of which I don't understand and don't really want to consider given the near impossibility of real life time travel
Posted by Terrific_T
@Lvenger: LOL! Yeah, its all just ridiculous craziness! But that's why we read it, right? :P
Posted by Lvenger
@Terrific_T:  Indeed. Anyway gotta go now. Mum needs me to do the recycling. But I'll put my review of Superman #707 up sometime today and 708 at one point tomorrow

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