harleyquinn12's Superman #704 - The Road Least Travelled, A Grounded Interlude review

Good or Bad? You decide.


Just want to get one thing out of the way first. I don't read Superman monthly. Actually, I don't read Superman. I like JMS, just not that much. G Willow Wilson and leandro Oliveira step in for a fill in, and I picked this up just because everyone said it was so bad. it was okay. 
The story 
The story focuses on Lois Lane, who wants to get back to her old life. She thinks about Superman,and runs into her old boyfriend, Brian. He's gotten married, had kids, and they reminnisce a bit. Lois then runs into some "Phi Beta Gamma Girls", who ask Lois for an autograph. After that whole escapade is over, brian invites Lois over to his house for dinner. It must have been really hard for Lois to eat dinner with her ex's wife, and it was. brian pops the question of Clark and Lois having kids. It also seems abit rude to ask your ex, who's husband is a superhero(and from another planet) if they have kids, becasue they can't! Nice Brian, very nice. lois talks with Brian's wife, Houng, about how she would love to live a normal life, but at that moment Houng is called by brian to feed their son, and the two start argiung. Lois leaves then, and she meets up with Clark, and the issue ends with Clark flying Lois away. 

it's usually hit or miss for me with G Willow Wilson. I liked her Vixen mini, but she did an Outsiders one shot a few years ago that I wasn't too crazy over. This issue falls under neither. Wilson's dialogue is snappy, a plus, but Lois focuses to much on her old life. She's good at moments of emotion, but sometimes the writing seems, a bit, akward. There's one scene in the begginning when Phi betta Gamma Girls meet upo with Lois, Superman's "Girl Friday". It was cute, but  just not exactly what I expected. Lois seeks to be an independent woman, but ends up back with Clark at the end of the issue. There is one line in the end, about a glue gun and thehome shopping networkr that had me cracking up though!

Leandro oliveira is one of comics nbewer artists, and I can't say he' great. He's good at facial expressions most of the time, but sometimes they just don't look right. There are a few pans on Lois in the issue that look really good. I can see why someone woouldn't like it, I enjoyed the style, but it's just not right. The colorist, Rod reis, who is great, I think just didn't work well with Oilveira. If he does another issue, I'lll give him another chance. 
It was okay. Just ok. Leave it at that.

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