deranged_midget's Superman #7 - To Hel and Back review

A fresh new start

Superman starts off a new arc with a brand new creative team that breaths new life into Superman.

The Good:

After the less than appealing first arc by George Perez, Dan Jurgens takes over the writing responsibilities of Superman for the New 52 with Keith Griffin and Jesus Merino handling the art. Jurgens smartly chose not to continue this issue anywhere in relation to the previous arc and as comes a new creative team, truly this is a new start for the Man of Steel in the New 52. Superman still is protecting the citizens of Metropolis but not everyone has a positive attitude towards what he does with some believing he causes as much damage as those who threaten the city.

As comes with a new arc, an expected new enemy appears to oppose our hero: Helspont. Seemingly trapped on Earth, he seeks out Superman in attempt to enslave him and use him as his puppet. He sends out his minions who fail to defeat and capture the Man of Steel and Superman is forced to locate Helspont himself.

Kal-El also finds problems as his mild-mannered alter-ego Clark Kent. He finds himself ordered to write about himself in the Daily Planet while Lois begs him to pick up her sister from the train station, all the while Clark pays little attention to what actually has happened, focusing more on Helspont.

Now, mostly unchanged is the art in the new arc. With Jesus Merino remaining on board, he keeps a close eye as taking on the task of the finished art of the issue. Keith Griffin barely strays off from Merino's original art considering that is was one of the only good parts of the previous arc. Another interesting revelation this issue is how Superman handles his costume when in normal clothes. It seems to be restricted to little more than t-shirt and then expands into this full armour when needed. A cool and welcoming addition to Superman's mythos.

The Bad:

While I didn't really care for the previous arc, little what happened in it actually transferred into this issue. In issue #6, it seemed as if Lois had figured out Superman's secret but it all seems forgotten in this issue with little interaction between Clark and Lois at all.


Dan Jurgens manages to pull it off taking over the writing responsibilities for Superman introducing a worthy new foe and progressively proceeding free of the nonsense of the last arc written by George Perez. Superman seems to be in good hands and I'm excited to see where Superman is headed.


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