starkiller809's Superman #7 - To Hel and Back review

Great new direction

I really like the art in this issue. I really like it more because Dan Jurgens seems to be able to have a little more freedom with how to position the characters and other things. I really liked the story in this issue. After a long and boring alien plot, we get to see Superman finally kick huge butt. I'm glad that they started with actions and ended with action with lots of development between the two. I think a Superman comic can be good if you find the balance between the two and I think this creative team understands that and it going to bring it into this comic very soon. 
I loved this issue, but I wanted it to stay away from the first issue and Stormwatch because I don't really like those issues. I'm glad that in a few issues we are moving on to something better, or hopefully better. Also, I like the new costume, but turning into it seems a little stupid to me. I wish he would just wear it under because it was always iconic to me when he would rip his shirt and reveal the S logo. 
THE VERDICT: 4.5/5 (Amazing) 
I think we are going somewhere with this. This was one of my favorite issues this week and I never though I would like a Superman comic this much. I hope this series stays this way because I would love it to. I think that if you want to read a Superman comic, then you want to start here because this seems to find a good balance between Clark and Superman.

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