grim's Superman #694 - Man of Valor review

More of this please!

The cover gives you the basic Idea. wherever it was they where holding Mon-EL, it seems they've let him go, and with his new found freedom he's got a new perspective on how to protect Metropolis!
 The cool thing about comics WITHOUT Superman in them is that they actually look into the characters, instead of just being a Showcase for Superman's powers. The interaction's between characters in this issue is superb to say the least. And with no Superman, the plot twists are actually invintive and interesting.
 However, i will give everyone a heads up and say that my opinion may be slightly biased on this one. The one thing i always have and always will love about Superman is the Kent farm. Add to that my favorite Superhero in disguise Conner Kent doing farm work, A conversation between the awesome Ma Kent and Mon-El, and a awesome look at a side of Krypto that no one ever shows, and its like this one was written just for me!
 The rating for an average persopn with average feelings towards the Guardian, Mon-El, Superboy, and Krypto, this one gets a 4. For me, and all my Super-family loving freaks, this one gets 52 stars easy! ...but i guess 5 will have to do.

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