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An ancient and vicious curse set into motion by the Greek gods hits Metropolis, challenging Superman in a way he's never been challenged before.

Ast the Shuster Sports Arena in Metropolis, Wonder Woman is putting in an appearance for a fundraiser for the Jadis Foundation. The foundation helps women in different needs. Lois and Clark are in attendance to report on her public appearance. Later, the festivities continue at the Metropolis Museum of Art. There, Diana meets with Lois and Clark to do an interview. She tells them of her recent experience with a women's shelter that has opened her eyes to try to help out on a different level.

A woman smashes through a display case to take a piece she claims is hers. When Clark puts a hand on her to "talk" to her, she senses power within him. She causes his tuxedo to disintigrate revealing his Superman identity. When Diana tries to stop her, she is thrown across the room. As Diana recovers, she and Lois figure that no one was really paying attention to Clark before he was revealed. They both leave to try to figure out where he can be. After Lois access the Daily Planet's records, they realize that the woman was Khyrana the Accursed. Her story goes back to Zeus' time. When Zeus offerred to spend some time together, she refuses. Outraged, Zeus curses her with the need for the touch of others in order to live. She spent the rest of her time trying to lure others to feed on them.

Lois manages to figure out where Khyrana is staying and Wonder Woman is off to save Superman. When she arrives, she finds Superman too weak to move. Wonder Woman tries to reason with her. She tells her that if she releases Superman, they can appeal to Athena and try to find a solution to her pain and misery. Khyrana declines with a swift uppercut to Wonder Woman.

As Khyrana has Wonder Woman on the ropes, Superman manages to stand up to fight. Khyrana is surprised he is able to even move. She explains how she is outraged after seeing women broken and humiliated by men. Superman is knocked into another room. A room full of "trophies" from her past kills. As Wonder Woman tries to grab her, Khyrana begins to drain her energy too. Superman figures out that the combination of draining his solar power and Wonder Woman's magic-based power is having a weird affect on her. Khyrana begins to get dizzy despite the fact that she is still draining their power. Together, they both deliver a blow that puts her out.

Lois managed to convince the police to send in the Science Police to deal with picking up Khyrana. Wonder Woman still insists on trying to help her with her need to feed.

Returning to Lois and Clark's place, Lois decides to make some tea for the two heroes after their ordeal. She talks about the possibilities of Khyrana being stopped could have on saving lives but also creating a bad reputation of the foundation. When she comes into the living room, she finds the two fast asleep on the couch.







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