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Is Superman an angel? A messenger from heaven itself? One woman believes in him with all her heart, but her faith in Superman may lead to disaster.

Superman sits in the Fortress of Solitude thinking about what he's done since getting his powers back. What really sits on his mind is Arion's suggestion that his presence is warping mankind's destiny. He thinks back to one of his earlier encounters in Metropolis.

In Suicide Slum, an elderly woman, Barbara Johnson is nearly run down by some drunk kids. Superman is able to stop the car in time. She believes that the Lord sent down an angel to answer her prayers. At her apartment, she sees live news footage of a train in Chicago about to fall off a bridge. She prays to the Lord to save them and at that moment Superman arrives. This further leads her to believe that he is an angel.

Barbara goes out looking for trouble. She sees an armored truck being robbed. She takes it upon herself to give them a stern lecture about what is right. As they are about to shoot her, Superman arrives once more. He tries to tell her he is not an angel and that he merely heard the explosion of the truck. She continues to believe and Superman is left a little distressed.

Later at a grocery store, Barbara walks in on a robbery with Superman arriving. He has been listening for her voice. This continues with Barbara seeking out crimes. Superman's concern is what happens when she prays for him and he is unable to come.

Barbar gives another attempt at her neighborhood watch committee. She has a bigger turnout and they decide to go after a drug gang. Barbara walks in and prays to the Lord to cleanse the place. Tired of listening to her, the gang leader shoots at her. At this time, Superman is in Antarctica stopping a global disaster. He hears the gunshot and her body hit the ground. He is unable to go to her.

A couple days later he goes to her hospital bed. He tells her how he was unable to be there. She asked him if he's seen the news. It seems that the residents of Suicide Slum were so outraged with Barbara being shot, that they are starting to take action of their own. The police have been recieving numerous calls and tips.

This memory leads Superman to believe that maybe Arion was wrong.

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