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When a Comic Is This Bad... RUN!

I don't see why people are saying this is a satisfying conclusion to such a terrible arc. Because of so many specific things across the arc, the conclusion is actually worse. Most of it comes down to this, I've been complaining for five issues that the whole 'Is Superman really a menace?' thing has been horribly contrived and utterly shoved down our throats. If it wasn't so forced, it wouldn't be so ridiculous for the arc to end with EVERYONE SUDDENLY LOVING SUPERMAN. Everyone who doubted him is suddenly on his side because 'He's good and the fake one was bad.' I'm sorry, but people are NOT that forgiving. NO WAY. Perez, you shoved this idea in our faces and now you're shoving the opposite one in? I'm sorry, but there's no room because of ALL THE HAMFISTED ANTI-SUPERMAN STUFF YOU SPENT FIVE ISSUES SHOVING IN THERE. Nobody does complete 180s like that, certainly not the large groups of people or the biggest proponents of the anti-Superman movement. Human beings just don't work that way.

And when you brought the real Superman back, there's some awkward communication between him and Lois and fake Superman and Supergirl and... it was just painful to try and follow. I wasn't sure who was talking to who or how half the time.

And more of the anti-subtlety showed up as news reporters commentate on every single movement in the fight between Superman and Supergirl. "Ouch! He got her again! And that last blast was the strongest we've seen so far!" YEAH PEREZ. I KNOW. I COULD SEE THAT. WITH MY EYEBALLS. And deduce it with my BRAIN. I don't need you to explain to me what I'm seeing, the art speaks for itself. Because Nicola Scott draws some great stuff.

But then, in the end, the final confrontation makes things even worse. Nothing that happened is adequately explained. So some space nanobots were captured by Brainiac, but broke free, found Superman when he showed up in Action Comics #7, laid dormant for five years because...? And then started replicating Superman's powers because... it thought it was part of the environment? And started to replace Superman with itself but evil because.... Superman was an alien? So this thing, also an alien, had to be a crueler Superman because....? It's absolutely astounding at how little sense all this makes when Perez dumps a freight train full of exposition to explain it all. A DAMN FREIGHT TRAIN'S WORTH OF EXPOSITION, would be bad enough, but it also makes little to no sense. And Heather realizes Clark doesn't love her because.... He's barely interacted with her this entire arc so she has nothing to go on to try and figure out his feelings?

And THIS is the focal point to try and tie together Superman, Supergirl, and Superboy? Wow.

In Conclusion: 1/5

I'm sorry, but I'd like someone to explain to me how this is a satisfying conclusion. Blatant and forced contradiction of what this arc spent five issues painfully forcing upon us, and an explanation that's full or words but tells us very little to actually explain anything. If anything it makes things MORE confusing and nonsensical. Oh, and they were freaking out when Superman destroyed robots and killed Titano, but they're totally ok with him throwing an alien into the sun? So certain murder by Superman is fine? Ugh. Thank god this mess is over. NOTHING could be worse than this arc. The next issue could be written by Joe Quesada and drawn by Rob Liefeld and it would be better than this drivel. If you disagree, by all means, explain to me what was good about this besides the art and some of the fight scenes.

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