deranged_midget's Superman #6 - The Measure of a Superman review

A surprisingly good conclusion

The conclusion to George Perez's first story arc on the Man of Steel is a surprisingly refreshing end to a generally unfavoured run on a modern day take of Superman.

The Good:

Since the beginning of this arc I was hoping for an issue where George Perez would finally bring out the best of this "re-invented" Superman. To my dismay and many others, he failed to do so for the first 5 issues. Surprisingly enough, he concluded his story arc an succeeded in tying up any loose ends and mysteries that he created in his less than favourable run on Superman.

The mystery of where this impostor Superman came from is answered and a hint at where Superman obtains his armoured suit is shown in the issue, but I won't spoil anything so you'll have to just find out for yourself. This issue really shines by giving us two big action scenes between the imposter Superman and Supergirl and an exciting final showdown when Superman finally confronts his evil double.

The art by guest artist, Nikola Scott, really shines in this issue and compliments Perez's writing. Scott is able to creatively show each character's expressions and expertly create an exciting showdown between the evil Superman and Supergirl.

The Bad:

As much as Perez ties up in this last issue, he leaves hanging at the conclusion including a possible revelation about Lois and Clark's relationship as simply "friends". I really didn't find anything too undesirable about this issue besides the fact that Perez seemed to pack too much into this last issue and rushed everything that seemed important or interesting in the least that could have been better fleshed out over another issue.

The Verdict:

Even though the majority of this story arc left much more to be desired, Perez completes his run on the Man of Steel with a solid and entertaining finish which when complimented with Nikola Scott's colourful art makes for a Superman issue well deserving of your time.

Posted by The Poet

I wondered how this series was I know...

Hopefully next arc will be better...

Posted by The Poet

btw, very good 1st review!

Posted by Deranged Midget

@The Poet: Thanks man! Yeah this arc was painful since it barely progressed with each issue. I'm hoping the new creative team kicks it off good. :)

Posted by zvex

Great review. I'd stuck with the arc from the start and really wasn't enjoying it. Felt like this ending just came out of no where. Now onto the next arc..

Posted by Deranged Midget

@zvex: Thanks and I'm looking forward to the next arc! Expect a review for it! :)

Posted by PowerHerc

This review echos other things I've read about Perez's run on Superman. I agree with it.

I feel George Perez is one of the best (he's one of my favorite) comic artists of all time, but his writing is average at best.

Posted by Deranged Midget

@PowerHerc: He's personally my favourite artist for Superman but sadly as you said, his writing is mediocre.

Posted by PowerHerc

@Deranged Midget: Mediocre is the word for it.

Posted by MonkeyToe

I agree with you. I liked the ending of this arc. The one issue I had is how long is stretched out. Did they really need three different 'aliens' for Supes to fight? I feel they could have accomplished the same story with just 1 or 2 of them.

Posted by Deranged Midget

@MonkeyToe: Indeed, I agree as well. Thanks for reading!

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