pastfarpoint's Superman #5 - The Mummy Strikes! review

The McGuffin Strikes

Even the greatest Superhero has erotic dreams; about Wonder Woman no less! 

A cold shower later, and Clark Kent’s back in the hustle of the Daily Planet. Lois has sent a video message from her current assignment: she’s been sent to South America, where she’s following up on the research of Dr. Estevez. Estevez has been conducting an archeological excavation of a structure underneath native ruins. The site contains artifacts that date to humanity’s pre-history, and yet are incredibly advanced! Perhaps human societies of the past reached technological heights only to fall to some unknown calamity?

Some sort of electromagnetic interference is blocking further communication, and so Kent is sent south, just in case…

Overall: Just OK.

As a one-part comic, it’s essentially just a lead up to a big fight at the end. Sure, the idea that carries us there – namely, the idea that the modern instantiation of civilization has precedents – is interesting, but is never explored. Because the writer doesn’t seem too fascinated by it, for the reader it just becomes part of the scenery, and a trope to carry Superman forward.

And as a two-part story (it's continued in Superman#6), it’s still just OK, but you’ll have to read my review there to see why.

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Posted by Silkcuts

Great choice in picture, that is a great example of "gutter" work. I was left thinking if Superman slept with Wonder Woman, since the last panel you see him in bed on his back.

Posted by pastfarpoint
@Silkcuts: Cheers.  
I had to look "gutter" up - so for anyone else interested, it's the space between borders (wiki).
Posted by Silkcuts
@pastfarpoint said:
" @Silkcuts: Cheers.  
I had to look "gutter" up - so for anyone else interested, it's the space between borders (wiki). "
Yup that is what gutter means

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