endanger's Superman #31 - As Good As His Word!; Poison Pill! review

Gods Don't Lie

 This was an issue with many scenes that worked to perfection. In fact, this should have been a perfect issue. It started out fun, interesting, and with a creative breath of fresh air that we haven't seen from Mr.Mxzyl from some time. However, Lex Luthor somehow found out about Mxzl's weakness and used it to his advantage. Thus, my problem with this issue. We always see Superman outwit Mxyzl using his brain and other harmless tricks, but never tried to get violent or actually attempted to hurt Mr.Mxzl. Lex, however using his crude survival business tactics,  easily got rid of the alien pest, the problem is that his method didn't make much sense at all. For an eternal God with limitless powers, Mr.Mxzyl succumbed to a couple of guns and  the dumbest trick in the book.
The rest of the issue however, was very much alive with action, witty dialogue, and just loads of fun. The opening where Mr.Mxzl touched down on Metropolis was perfect, and then disguising himself as Superman, barges into Lex's office, and burns off his bionic hand with heat vision. You see Lex cower in fear for one of the few times, and you almost wished that the real Superman was just as badass. It's a shame that the result was rushed and very much unneeded. 
The second half of this issue again focuses on Lex as he tries to buy over S.T.A.R labs, now this is where the issue really shined and I couldn't understand why they don't mix the two stories together, and have to separate it as a two-parter. But Lex's outgoing, friendly facade with the mind of a treacherous businessman plays perfectly in this story. Just a shame that these two stories were told apart. 

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