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Superman and His Super Foes

George Perez has been writing only three issues of Superman, but it feels like he's been on the book for at least four or five. Is this a good thing for the book, or does it affect it at all?
Nicola Scott is an amazing artist and I think that this is one of he better pieces of work. I like her art maybe just a tab bit more then the normal artist and that is a good thing. The story is really wordy, like the past two issues have been. I really like seeing Lois, Jimmy, and Perry in their roles in this book. I really like how they are included into the story and actually have a lot of things going on with them too. We also get another fight, with another bad guy. We know that they are connected but we have nothing else to go on. I really like how it kinda trots over what happened in the current run of Action Comics, and the time between.
We have been reading Superman for three issues now, and they have a lot in them. They are long and have a lot of words, so I'm not sure why I feel that very little has happened. We get to see three different villains mutter out the same words, but other then that we know nothing. I really hope they start giving us more clues on what is going on.
THE VERDICT: 3.5/5 (Good)
Superman has been a pretty good book so far, but I'm getting tired of just seeing a new villain that comes in each issue giving him a hard time and him solving it in a matter of seconds. I'm not sure what Superman was before the relaunch, but I want to see him fight threats that we think he could loose. But so far, I'm liking it. If you like Superman get it. If you like a good story, I might wait for the trade because it probably won't feel so repetitive. 

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