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Superman and His Super Foes 0

George Perez has been writing only three issues of Superman, but it feels like he's been on the book for at least four or five. Is this a good thing for the book, or does it affect it at all?  THE GOOD: Nicola Scott is an amazing artist and I think that this is one of he better pieces of work. I like her art maybe just a tab bit more then the normal artist and that is a good thing. The story is really wordy, like the past two issues have been. I really like seeing Lois, Jimmy, and Perry in their...

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Talk about a cold day for superman…I’m so sorry, I have nothing… 0

After a few battles against very different alien monsters yet all connected, we get to see the story of superman as we learn more about his previous adventures in the eyes of the public as this guy who I don’t know since he sucks since not only he will never be remembered by any of us for being a prink is trying to pull a J.J by asking if superman is either a “messiah or menace”. But we get to see that the daily planet has become a nice supporter of superman thanks to which is good and sent tha...

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Last time on... 0

Art - The art of Superman is mostly well done, save for the fact that almost all the characters have 1 of 2 faces. The slackjawed, open mouth look, or the screaming at something mouth.Beyond that there are some questionable choices with coloring and detailing such as the scene at the grave yard where you can clearly see this half circle of desaturation and blur which just doesn't look good and isn't in any way good art.Story - We get a recap of Superman and Action comics, possibly some spoilers,...

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George Perez Is Not For Superman 0

The Story: Superman fights another threat that freezes the city. My Thoughts:So far I haven't been very pleased with this series at all. It's not at all what I had hoped or expected it to be. Superman is one of my all time favorite characters so it's not as if I didn't want to enjoy this. No matter how hard I try, nothing about this story grabs me. The art has been the only good thing about this series so far.  In this issue we have Superman facing off against another "threat" that pops out of n...

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Ice to Meet You. Yeah, Some Dialogue's as Bad as Batman and Robin 0

The Good: The perspective on the cover is kind of nice, and the blur/focus effect to show depth is pretty nice as well. It's still not an amazing cover, but its the best yet.Nicola Scott's art is great, more modern than Merino's (Not that that's always a bad thing) but where it really hits me is the panel layouts. Scott's layouts are definitely above Merino's. It's pretty interesting to get a look at Lois Lane's life in her new producer role. Overall we get a nice look at the secondary character...

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Superterrible #3 0

Writer George PerezPencils Nicola ScottInks Trevor ScottSPOILER ALERT!?!The following review is about to dissect this comic book for what it is worth: Crap. This series is making my stomach twist with an anger I haven't felt since I got to second base with Laura Palmer (Ray Palmer's gym teacher's daughter's cousin-in-law.) in the middle school gymnasium. Okay so that wasn’t a bad experience by any means, but this comic should be ashamed of itself. Not only do we have a narrative about Superman i...

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Comic Review -- Superman #3: A Cold Day In Hell / George Perez, N 0

Originally posted on my blog, The Comics Cove, not too long ago...I get that the idea with these covers is to feature the villain of the month for a while, which I think I’m cool with for now. This cover is actually pretty nice; the starkness of the white contrasted against Superman’s colorful costume actually emphasizes the threat of this issue’s villain in a big way. Also, the people frozen in the ice look like they’re “running” slightly, implying even more menace.There’s slightly more explana...

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