leadervladimir's Superman #27 - Feeding Frenzy review

Conflict for Superman

This issue continues Superman's fight with the Parasite and puts Superman in the difficult situation of whether or not letting the Parasite absorbing Lois Lane's powers to save her life. We also see what happens to Cat Grant after Clark leaked the story about the Tower and General Sam Lane makes an appearance to talk about the Tower.

The Good

I liked the question Scott Lobdell raised about the morality of Superman saving Lois' life by further risking it. Obviously, this is not an easy choice for Superman; in the previous issue, Dr. Veritas told Superman that Lois would become something else if she held her powers for more time. Also, Superman faced the idea of Lois exposing his secret identity. Everything works out in the end, but Superman still feels guilty about taking such a great risk. In an interview, you can see it here, Lobdell said he wanted to subvert the idea of Superman being an invincible hero who always makes the right decision. By the looks of it, he succeeded.

I'm glad ClarkCattropolis.com is finally getting some attention, ever since Clark quit the Daily Planet, we haven't seen him doing much in his new job. I'm also interested to see where the story about the Tower will go and it will be good to see what role General Lane will play, considering his role in Superman Unchained. Helspont makes an appearance at the end of the issue, and I'm glad because I thought Lobdell had forgot about him ever since he appeared in the Annual.

Ed Benes being the artist was a major bonus. The fact that he replaced Ken Lashley for this issue was a pleasant surprise. It does not seem Benes was at the top of his game for this issue, but he still delivered.

The Bad

Again, I will say this is the Parasite's lamest incarnation so far, but I admit this issue made him actually entertaning.

The Verdict

After last month's slow-moving issue, Lobdell managed to get things back on track. We'll see how long will that last.


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    A minute ago I finished reading this comic and was very disappointed. From Superman I expect that he will save Lois from Parasite. But he let him something that never allowed before restart - harm Lois. He knowingly puts Lois in danger. I know that he let the Parasite cause harm to Lois to save her, but I am surprised that a Superman did so more out of selfishness. In this issue, it was shown that he does not trust Lois. Doesn't trust the best friend! It's ravings of a madman. Jon surprised me. ...

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