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i've always found parasite to be an interesting villain, the idea of him actually living off others is one of the few concepts that drive me towards him. He isn't a favorite, but i really do think that he's a villain with a cool gimmick. this Issue though, was disappointing, because when i read something, especially a singular issue about ONE specific character, i always see the possibilities of a great story.

First of all, The artwork was actually really good here, because the style really first the writing and parasite himself. I'll say that parasites design is actually insanely cool, and i do like it, and at times he looked absolutely revolting. Seriously, the Panel made my skin crawl, which isn't a bad thing mind you, in fact it's actually really good and shows how much the artist knows how to portray a certain character visually. The action was amazing too, and parasites transformations was really well executed.

The writing though, isn't all that great. I do like the Idea of Parasite being an actual freeloader even before he actually became a monster, but if the execution isn't good then the POSSIBILITY of a good story falls flat on it's face and becomes a huge mess. I'm glad that this wasn't a HUGE mess, however there were things i simply disliked. I get that Parasite hated the city, but for a Normal Human to snap like an idiot and attack a monster head on is something i just don't seem to buy, maybe if it was well executed and the Protagonist himself was a hero, it could have been good, but the way it turned out was kinda lame in terms of story telling. He just snaps, which would have made sense if people actually gave him a reason to snap, but the fact that he was the only one actually being a terribly annoying twat really turned the whole concept around. Also, the Huge Monster actually picks him up and slams him to the ground , and he only thing he hurts is his leg? and he has enough power to get up and electrocute the monster too? yeah, no, that;s just damn silly. And what's with him becoming Parasite after the scanning at star labs? how does that make any sense. Moreover, of all the Things that could have been done, why Make Parasite a Deliver boy? why not make him a ruthless business man who lives and thrives off others? so when he turns into a Monster it makes so much more sense. How is being a delivery boy tied to being a parasite? i'm sorry bit it just feels like a missed opportunity.

Plus his whole Sympathy and effort to live a normal life is explained in a few words and we never actually see him go insane or turn into a villain, sure he was an Jacka$$ but he wasn't flat out evil. The Origin could have been explained through flashbacks and we could have, at the same time, witnessed how he was dealing with actually becoming a parasite. It would have been awesome. again, why miss the chance?

On the other hand, While the build up sucked ,the end wasn't all that bad, the First person narrative about Hunger and emptiness is superb , and quite frankly really well executed. I liked the confrontation With superman as well, it provided some good action sequences as well as parasite finding the ONE thing that quenches his hunger.sadly though, that's the only positive note here aside from the art.

Recommendation: No

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I have absolutelly no idea about Superman villians 'xcept Lex,but i SAT AND READ THE REVIEW,CAUSE U WROTE IT!......that's what kind of friend i am.

Posted by TheAcidSkull
Posted by _Glacier_

Awesome review, broda!

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