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Collected all my emotion about this issue.

This review contains spoiler so look out for that. I'm reading all the villain month issues to give the new reader perspective. Today, Brainiac a Superman villain who I know a bit about but haven't ever really felt too interested in.

The Good:

Brainiac certainly feels like Brainiac, or at least the version of the character I'm used to. I sort of half like the idea that he enjoys what he does and only pretends to not enjoy it to keep up his cold exterior. His origin was solid enough giving a good reason for him to turn himself into the cyborgish thing he is now and clearly showing that he's sort of spiraled into evil by now.

The Bad:
Not a big fan of the art in this one, it looks kinda of sketchy to me and I'm not a fan of that style. I also don't like how most of the origin feels like pure exposition, it doesn't feel very organic and it hurts the story for me. Brainiac also shows off why he needs someone to fight as without any real action there's not much to this issue and it feels kind of dull.


This issue was kind of "meh" to me. It wasn't outright bad but I didn't really feel anything reading it. Still if you're a Brainiac fan you should probably look into this one unless you don't care about him. There also seems to be foreshadowing for one of the Superman books, so Superman fans might want to look here.

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Hm. I might actually read this.

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Hm. I might actually read this.

It's a neat little take on Brainiac, although there's not much that really goes on.

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