razzatazz's Superman #215 - For Tomorrow, Part Twelve review

The return

This is the end issue to the For Tomorrow story arc, and although I can't say that it ended where I thought it might based on the earlier issues the ending is anyway quite strong.  The battle between Superman and Zod reaches its end point, as Lois is left battling Equus almost alone (who turns out to be a pretty creepy villain.)  There is a lot of action and not as much plot, not much that is until the Father returns with the machine and then some intriguing elements are introduced - corruption, salvation, sacrifice and pride.  The twist at the end with the Fortress of Solitude is also noteworthy but really it is the characterizations as always which have done this story arc so well.  They succeed here too and leave this story arc ending on a high.  

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Posted by Primmaster64

I did not understand...''For Tommorow''

Posted by RazzaTazz
@Primmaster64: What didn't you get?
Posted by Primmaster64

I really don't know...I read it ...and I just didn't understand what was it about...

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