razzatazz's Superman #214 - For Tomorrow, Part Eleven review

Dual nature

This issue once again introduces an interesting concept to the overall concept of the series - that of duality - but it doesn't quite pull it off as well as has been done elsewhere.  Zod is perplexed as the hell he has become accustomed to became a heaven, and is not happy because of it.  Zod himself refers to himself as both the gravest threat and greatest visionary of Krypton which shows off a bit of duality.  This is also highlighted by the interplay between Clark and the Father, which is a bit more subtle here.  This is an interesting concept but it is wrapped in an issue built on some mostly pointless violence, which I didn't think was very engaging.  Also I am never a big fan of robot doubles and they creeped in here as well.  This was still a nice thought provoking issue but just a little seemed off at times.  


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