razzatazz's Superman #213 - For Tomorrow, Part Ten review


The "For Tomorrow" story arc continues here and after nine issues of speculation we finally discover the intelligence behind the device which has caused the Vanishing.  The revelation is not at all what you might think it is, and this plot development does not necessarily improve the overall concept behind the story arc, but it is still a well executed twist.  This basically deals with two concepts, that of perfection and that of safety wherein the pocket dimension where Superman finds himself was created with basically one purpose in mind.  As always though with any conception of perfection or idyll there are those who wish to corrupt these concepts for their own interests.  As such this issue continues along with the same sort of philosophical undertone though here what is missing is the clever dialogue to go along with it.  Still this story arc has good momentum and with the promise of some action and resolution ahead, it looks like it is set for a great finale. 


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