razzatazz's Superman #212 - For Tomorrow, Part Nine review

A many splendid thing

Comics have found their niche because they are well suited for telling the kind of story which they are known for - science fiction fantasy, noirish detective and so on.  They are so good at this because they can provide the reader a vast canvas of images where words might fail.  In this issue though the central concept is about love, specifically between Lois and Clark.  Love is of course one of the most written about themes in all of fiction, probably in fact the most written about, and pretty much every literary giant has shared his or her opinion on it at one time or another.  So tackling this concept in comic book form is a daunting task but one which the creative team pulls off reasonably well.  There is of course more going on here, and in fact if it wasn't for the well portrayed love between Lois and Clark, this issue wouldn't be near where it is, as the action follows a sort of weird dimension and the plot surrounding the Father is not as deep as it has been.   Still, this issue keeps the arc going strong.  It was nice to see Lois back as well:

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