razzatazz's Superman #211 - For Tomorrow, Part Eight review


The hero versus hero (or in this case heroine) battle is one which is often resorted to in comics.  It often has the feel of a cheap trick meant to goad in readers, but when the battle is intended as a relevant part of a story then it can be monumental.  When the writing to lead up to it has been of a high caliber, then there are rarely comics which can compare in terms of being fun and entertaining.  It happened in the Hush storyline where Superman and Batman fight, and it happened as a lead-in to Infinite Crisis where Wonder Woman and Superman square off.  Here it involves again Superman and Wonder Woman, and this deserves acclaim to stand in the same standing as the other two (though I didn't feel it was quite as defining a character as the other battle between these two.)   Diana has journeyed to the Fortress of Solitude to stop Clark from activating the device, and the clever and deep dialogue shifts to be between Clark and Diana as opposed to being between Clark and the Father.  This is really a stand-out issue by all regards, and is even readable alone without the rest of the story arc.  The rest of the story arc gives this so much depth and makes it an issue to remember.  Suffice to say I also really liked quite a few of the panels with Diana:

Posted by azza04

This was also one of my favourite battles. Alot of people don't have much love for this story arc but I honestly quite liked it.

Nice review.

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