razzatazz's Superman #206 - For Tomorrow, Part Three review


The lead-in to this the third issue of a long story arc were two comics of a pretty high standard.  This issue doesn't quite get as high as those, but is still a quite impressive read.  Superman after his setback in the previous issue and the previous country, travels to its neighbour here and learns quickly the difference here between authority and morality.  His actions lead him again to question his role in the affairs of mankind, as he sees himself acting as more reactively than proactively.  For the first time in the story arc there is a certain amount of action in this issue as well as Superman battles Equus.  The pacing, plot and characterization were still good and up to the same level as previous, and it is almost that the action here is serving as a sort of wedge to the rest which has been handled so well thus far.  Nonetheless this is still a good issue.  


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