razzatazz's Superman #205 - For Tomorrow, Part Two review

A single stone

This issue is part of the larger For Tomorrow story line, but I don't know if I have ever read an issue of a story arc which could be the perfect epitome of a character as a standalone issue like this one could be.  It focuses again again on the circumstances surrounding the Vanishing.  The dialogue at the beginning is again very deep and compelling, but it is when the action shifts to where the Vanishing originated from (somewhere in the Middle East - excellent location by the way in this context) that the issue really takes on its greatest force.  Superman is sometimes said to be more human than any other human but here his understanding of humans is shaken by a single stone.  That this part of the issue is almost completely lacking in text makes its message all the stronger.  Overall this is one of the best issues of Superman I have ever read.  I am not sure if the story arc will hold up to the same standard, but it has been done well by through the first two issues.  Again too the art was quite good:


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