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Foul Play Superman... Foul Play

This is one of those stories where Superman is trying to break away from his Big Blue Boy Scout image.  Major Force (The reason behind Women in refrigerators) tries to get to Superman mentally.  Geoff Johns continues that theme of how to hurt the Man of Steel. This time Johns tries to hurt Superman's pride and self confidence with attacks to how Superman presents himself to the world.
The visual narration is nice, the silent narrations really brings out the feel like watching an exciting grudge match, both in Baseball and the battle of the Super people.  Having just a baseball game would be boring and Johns does bring in excitement into it.
It is the battle between Major Force and Superman that didn't blow me away. It felt fast and convoluted.  The baseball game really helps to reinforce how Superman wants to be accepted by Humans and that is why he is well mannered to those who are just simply good people.
This issue was not a Home Run for me, but it for sure was an RBI or two to score points on why I love what Superman represents.
- Silkcuts

Posted by TheyMightBeGiants

This is a great cover.  I always hated the Major Force refrigerator thing.

Posted by Silkcuts
@TheyMightBeGiants:  IT is a great cover and MF was "Foul" but it was an Iconic event.  I don't know if Gail Simone would be as big of a comic writer without it.

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